Hey it’s Anthony from Flexifoil here, I’d
like to talk to you about the Big Buzz kite, an absolutely brilliant piece of
equipment that will bring you hours and hours worth of fun, is ideal for anybody ten and upwards and it would be a great way to get you
guys into kiting. Okay so the kite comes in a lightweight storage bag which is very easy to open. Once open, the kite comes
out all you have to do is unfold it and you’ve got two lines included, a red
one and a blue one which distinguishes your left from your right and in
the corner of the kite you’ve got the pockets so in case you get any sand or
mud or anything else that gets caught up – super easy to open and you can just
pour whatever is in the kite, out once that’s all set up we unravel the
lines and we’re going to be ready to go and we’re flying –
so some of the most frequently asked questions you get people asking, is
what kind of wind speed can it be flown in? Say about 4mph, 5mph, now today we’re talking about 20mph winds so you’re
gonna have to be fairly strong to use it there is a smaller version, the Buzz which is half the size which is much better in very high power winds but in
terms of today, got a cracking wind for a workout the Big Buzz gives you a tantalizing taste of the power of the wind, it really
is an incredible kite to fly and in strong conditions you will really start
to feel what Mother Nature is capable of so whilst the Big Buzz isn’t going
to be ideal for traction kiting or kite surfing it’ll give you endless hours of
entertainment, tons of family fun and will even inspire a huge amount of
competition amongst kids and adults alike. So if you want to check out the
Big Buzz to see all the reviews and buy one today, simply click on the button in the
video or the link in the post and very soon you could be out, flying the Big
Buzz yourself experiencing the powerful force of Mother Nature first hand.