I’m gonna be testing the Nacra 15 on a crew race as we call it, so as part of Weymouth speed week here we’re gonna be sailing and trying to get the top speed and I think the quickest time across the course. I’m going to crew for Sam first and then Jess is gonna crew for Sam and were going to see who is the best crew so see if its worth sort of investing in your British Sailing Team crew or not Obviously im used to sailing the Nacra 17 so im kinda hoping I’ve got abit of a edge there and I’ll know how to react, how the boat’s gonna sort of react and how to deal with that but, but then we’ve got the unknown factor of Sam on the back on the back steering so could be a bit of bucking bronco potentially So, i’ve sailed the Nacra 15 before it was foiling for two years, it’s very quick and you have to be really reactive with it so with the breeze today we’ll see how it goes but might have a few a tumbles, I’m abit more nimble maybe im abit smaller than Kirsty a bit lighter so i might be able to get across the boat a bit quicker but apart from that, she’s pretty good crew so we will see. Sam’s waszp sailing is obviously going to help him he’s got to trapeze today, and that is a complete unknown for me and for him, I haven’t trapezed much over the past years but um I , i am pretty confident i’ve got a reasonable foiling experience from my waszp so i think i can put on a good show hopefully and maybe get some uh good top speeds You seem nervous are you nervous? No I’m fine oh s*** you alright? This is the, the much anticipated big reveal of the was it sustained, the sustained top speed first. So who thinks they’ve got it? Well I think I was a reasonably good helm You know what I think you probably got the sustained top speed I think i probably won this one you know so, Jess is it you? Kirsty is it you? I’m gonna gokirsty [laughter] so here we go Jess at 17 knots sustained and close behind Kirsty at 16.1 oh very good well done, that was just that bit before our big nose dive how long is the sustained speed 20 seconds isn’t it, i think over 20 seconds which is actually quite a long average isn’t it out in those conditions, ok so that’s uh one nil to Jess we’re now i think is the one we’re most keen on isnt it the top speed Peak, we like a good peak speed dun dun dun so who , now now we have the sustained one who do we think Kirsty you backing yourself yeah backing her speed for this one ohhh [laughter] there is controversial scores the wild card Jess, 21.9 in first place there, and again not so far off only uh 2 knots behind Kirsty 19.9 is to beat, well done though, the practice definitely did help and i think obviously the breeze picking up as the day went on aswell i definitely got the larger gust which probably helped um but he did really well to keep it straight and well done to Kirsty for getting up to standard before i went on ugh im just so i wanna be out back out there, i really wanna push it i wanna [laughter] Just um disappointed in myself I’ve let the team down i’ve let Rupert down Just How do you think your team mates are gonna react when they find out whats happened. Oh he’ll be off, Jess welcome to team white erwin