They are become the sign of an ill wind. As this farmer sees it, these wind turbines have a harmful influence on his cattle. His cows seem normal except that for four years and since the installation of a wind plant nearby, they produce half as much milk. Since 2011, Yann Joly has been noticing they no longer drink. “They seemed to be disgusted by water: as soon as they reached the drinking trough, they lapped but did not drink. Milk is 95% water anyway. That means that as soon as water consumption is a little slowed down, milk production is slowed down.” The production goes from 10,000 litres of milk per year to 5,000, a loss which means he has had to stop his dairy business. He will also have to lay his only employee off. “It’s a wrench! It is still more than 20 years of work which falls through… because of the wind turbines!” These 24 turbines are 2 km from the farm. Before making the connection between the wind turbines and the behaviour of his cows, Yann Joly carried out all possible tests: it was a geobiologist who confirmed him in his ideas. “He blames the size of the towers and an imbalance of electrical charge between the clouds and the ground, all this being linked to an underground river, an underground lake under the farm, which would be electrically conductive. So it is some electricity which cannot be detected but it harms the cows.” Now he has brought an accusation against the company which operates the wind turbines and he has warned public authorities. He is claiming more than 350,000 euros in compensation, and yet he signed a lease agreement to host turbines on one of his plots of land. “I will no longer sign such an agreement because furthermore we are faced with dishonest people who are unscrupulous to make money.” We tried to contact the company, to no avail, until now. As for Yann Joly, he will fight to the finish. (English subtitles: Friends against wind)