hello and welcome my name is Ukgamer
808 and welcome to my channel today we are looking at a Greenwich valley map
for farming simulator 19 which has just been released a new map out yesterday
now I had problems with my microphone so got a new microphone so let’s get on
with it now this was made by Greenbale and I think this is going to be a very
popular map there’s a hell of a lot to do on this map with lots of sour points
lots of farms and lots of everything and pretty low slots for what we’ve got
anyway let’s go into the overview first of all and you can see what I’m saying
about look at that though all those fields there’s a huge amount of fields
125 fields we have seven sour points to BGA’s as to forest areas and there is
also 7 farm yards with storage all ready to go so pretty cool so what’s the cost
of everything we start off on a new a farmer and these are the items we own
those to come together as a pair and then the cost of everything else is
pretty cheap really it’s not too much money at all the biggest field there is
115 and that’s three hundred and sixty seven thousand and we got that forest
area two hundred and forty nine thousand and then we have got these smaller
fields here 3457 so pretty cheap now the biogas is down there there’s a zoom in
so you can see it that’s the one biogas plant and that’s two hundred and eleven
thousand seven hundred and seventy-six then the other biogas is at the top here
and that one is a hundred and thirty six thousand seven hundred and four it’s
quite nice they are different prices it would be nice if they were different
prices in the price in menu though but nevermind so altogether there is quite a
lot going on lots of different boy points
Southpoint sorry and we will go round and have a look at them or we’d have a
drive rain then I’ll show you all the points of interest now you can see the
cows that’s a separate yard for itself save me the Sheep over there and then
we’ve also got the pigs down there then the other thing we’ve also got as these
extra yards over here this is an extra yard there for storage and another one
just there and there’s also the horses which are there now our main farm area
is just here that’s where where we’re starting off from today now when you do
start off from them load into the game you start up up here looking out into
the countryside and then you is the next time you start off we’re in the farm
house so prices wise not too bad on the prices scroll over that side and you can
see we got the four main places for selling your main commodities and I
always go to soya beans and the price is a little bit low at the moment but the
games just started so not too bad on the prices then we go over to the biogas and
you got the milk and the eggs there they’re not too bad either
we’ve got biogas where the barn take the silage at 2 9 8 and then biogas is at
450 and then the other gas of biogas is at 450 a Whitney pedia would have been
nice if they were a little bit different but it is what it is so we’ve got manure
at 450 and slurry at 3 to 4 so you are going to make some decent money on this
map now you do start off with quite a few different bits and bobs and they’re
all brand new I’ll show you that in a moment and we have missions on this one
as well which is always pretty cool so let’s get into it we start off let’s
put the map on can’t really see them up there we are so we’re in that corner
we’ll put the small map on leave the small map on and this is your farmhouse
now you can’t get into this side but we can get into that side so we go in and
it all looks pretty nice we’ve got light switches working in there and on PC the
TV and the radio do work that’s not a TV that’s a bloody picture that’s the TV I
don’t think none of this is not gonna work for console is it
course it’s not anyway let’s get into Greenwich Valley cuz what an awesome map
already I spent quite a few hours last night just having a look round and got
really sidetracked and did a video microphone didn’t work so a video with
no talking on it is useless really can’t tell you what’s going on so we come into
the main farmyard area and we’ve got all these buildings are actually built into
the game now they are all into the game so you can’t get rid of them but they
are decent sized buildings we’ve got lighting in here and look at our lights
you can’t beat having a saw in the rain so you know where everything is
loving that so we got our solo over the back here for a drop off point and then
refill into there we’ve got these two main sheds which have considerable size
and there are some of our equipment all ready to go let’s go in and have a look
at the equipment in the garage right so we got a t5 and then a case the TX 32 we
have a pickup and then a couple of trailers that had a we’ve got a decent
cedar which is six meters and yeah last year lot so what happens when we delete
all that how many slots are we left with and that leaves 396 slots which is
pretty good bins you’ve got animals built into it as well that’s pretty good
start and point lighting so not too bad on the slot tank really pretty pretty
shit up and we go over and the other thing I notice is we have got workshops
on to the farmyards as well so that that’s
our workshop trigger there and then here is a little bit of a storage area and
then it just goes out into the fields basically so but overall loving the
detail on this map it’s pretty bright nice looking map really is so let’s go
and have a drive round now I think what we’re gonna do is just do a clock word
clockwise motion and then that way we should be out her pick most items up
plenty of traffic in this one as well not too much traffic but there’s plenty
for going on with now I say clockwise but just down here we’ve got the sheep
so we go and pick up the sheep you see all these buildings going on there’s
four different times built up and we’ve got the Sheep are just down here and see
these buildings coming up on the left-hand side there that is actually
where the Sheep is so this is our second farmyard basically obviously we don’t
own these yet you do have to buy them so we come into the pig enclosure a same
thing again we have we’ve got a workshop trigger just over here and then we got
storage so all these are built in and there’s plenty you’re not gonna need
that much extra storage here really not so it’s our normal Pigpen where we load
them in there got the water trough their manure over the back here’s the food and then the slurry
point was just over here so there’s a slurry no we do have quite a few water
tanks as well which you can see I’ve already got the truck up and we can take
water out of there no issues whatsoever so it’s nice to have these little farm
yards where you know there’s plenty of to store equipment and you see where
they’re dotted around the map it means you don’t have to have all your
equipment in one place because there are n them out you can put a bit there a bit
here and do what you want with it dogs just knocking stuff off the release sofa
right anyway so that is the pigs then what we’re going to do now is head up to
the top left-hand side of the map and that’s where the BGA is and there’s a
couple of other sale points so I will see you there in a moment right so here we are at Whitney which is
disease just at the top left-hand side of the map and we’ve got this little
tiny area here to our fuel station and then the eggs sour point which is
situated just there next to the cash point and then we go on down through the
time and see it’s all pretty work that’s done look at the spirit despair
megabytes lots of to let signs and then we go on straight down this straight
down there’s the end of the map so this is the first BGA now this one was the
Whitney BDA I think it was yeah this is the Whitney BGA and we have a couple of
solos just there which a decent decent size and then I’ll drop off a for for
our commodities there and then our slurry point just there digestate is all
ready to take you digest 8/8 there’s just there it is there so that’s the the
one of the BGA’s then we go on rain the corner and we’ve got our next sell point
which is our up up this way and we’ve got the sawmill this is all
new haven’t seen any of this before Whitney sawmill so we’ve got our trigger
for the wood to sell there and then we go on Rhino back and we’ve got our wood
Qi wood chips drop off point just there let’s get on the right side of the road
right so this is a fictitious map and I’ll tell you what it’s really good it
really is I like all the contours of it I don’t like these flat maps something
were a bit of a few Hills Roman Hills here in the air here in there anyway
Witney grain so this is the other sell point we’ve got in this corner so that’s Whitney green at the sawmill
and Whitney BG a now the detailing of all these in the times is pretty pretty
good so they might have slots and look it out farming simulator 19 mod contest
also and I’ll keep driving on the wrong side of the road traffic lights as well
it’s the first map what I’ve actually seen traffic lights
what actually working then we’re gonna head off down this way see all these all
these houses they all look the same same sort of style not the same but same sort
of stuff it’s really good done a fantastic job one of the best maps I’ve
seen so far like this is the forest area one of the forest areas we got two of
them and you can see it’s a quite immense there’s a lot going on up here
hell of a lot of trees and I would hit one of them one night now it’s got this
road going sort of arraigned at the top and then it does end it here now we
haven’t got two collisions on hedges so we can just drive through hedges but we
can’t drive through fences yeah and I did miss I was meant to come
out just over there then we move on down this way but you look across down into
the little bit of a valley it’s awesome love it turbines in the distance of the
lower end of the map no wind today though so we’re coming down to our next
a farmyard area swing left danger here now they have all got gates on the front
is that we can open no I want that one open that’s a bit strange anyway more
storage we’ve got these same type of sheds and we got a workshop trigger in
that area there and then we go out the back this is for the sheep and that is
our where our wool is going to come out and then we have the fill it up the
animal dealer then you have our food drop-off point just there and the water
is over there there is a water trigger just there which is all in into the game
a nice little farmyard this one it’s specifically for the sheep so you’re not
gonna put a load of stuff down here are you I can’t believe that gate didn’t
open so another gate going out that way and that’s fine if the gate don’t open
either how are you meant to get vehicles in here oh we did prop so I was just off the
trigger a little bit thought well you gotta have the gate where can I miss all
right you said that’s the pigs and the sheep now I heard our way back the way
we were so our next sell points I don’t think there’s much traffic up this way
I’m seen any yeah anyway I think they go up and down the other side but this is
the point where you start off when you first load into the game or you start
off here and you just look in look at across into the horizon and it all looks
pretty good to me can we go up into our next time area a
bit of a rain debate going on then we’ve got some works in progress so there is a
diversion but we won’t use that now it would be nice if you could actually fix
that road wouldn’t it you probably can on PC so just down here we have our line
stationed which is just there as the trigger for it and this time we used a diverted route
and see all these all these houses it looks pretty pretty cool because a
lot of them you go up to the window and you can’t you know it’s you can actually
see in is a bit of dimension to it whereas a lot of them it’s you know does
it there’s no is 2d you can’t see him through the windows not that you can see
a lot going on it’s just just outside a little bit of realism to it especially
all these terrorist houses down here cars parked on the pavement it’s exactly
how it is in in England right so we head on that put them up
back on head on down towards the caves now we have got two roads here I didn’t
quite understand why that other roads there perhaps is a bit of a a crawler
lane for going up the hill so this is our cow yard and you see I’ve already
got the truck down checked the water for that one there’s no issues there’s
another workshop trigger so it does seem like we’ve got workship triggers on most
of them now I don’t I thought that was a solo but it’s not is it then we’ve got another little haze just
down here and some more storage so this is quite a large one out that looks like
a solo let’s put the help window on yep it is would you need we need solely to
fool the cows and these are all open I just came through earlier before well
I had to look open them all up so that is a slurry for the caves and then that
is our food trough just there and we go right into the back here and that is oh
hang on yeah that’s the water trough so yeah I was right that’s the water trough
there and the food trough is in that one now I couldn’t see where the straw point
was as I had a quick look around and it was like well where’s that then and
that’s the animal dialog box just there for bringing your animals in if you do
want to bring them in by truck and perhaps that is the straw as well then because that is the Milton location
there and I don’t think we can get in that no we can’t get in that building yeah that’s just the other part of that
building isn’t it so yeah what is the cow area it’s a nice-sized yard again
loads of storage that’s the thing with this low slots there’s plenty of storage
so you don’t need to start putting storage in you can just get on with it
right so we put the map on now and you can see we so we work our way down to
Greenwich mill then the barn and then work our way all the way down to the
bottom right so here we are again and I always manage to find a post to hit more
farming simulator mod Contest 2019 and we go into Greenwich mill and they just
love these signs everywhere greenwich mill when is mill you know there’s no R
which one’s this it’s Greenwich mill easy as that
though these sheds here we can’t to go into note they’re just there for show
and then we’ll work our way around just go down here swing a right and then we head up just up to the
right-hand side here Oh swinging in now this is the barn and
as you drop off position just there but again another sign bail South Point
brilliant love that makes things so easier not ah where’s this our point
there it is where a smart bail sale point something so simple and makes it
so much different so you can see now we’re coming up into the next town unit
area Bally green Mormont contestant I’ve done a really good job looks where
this map is going to be popular most definitely and I’ll tell you what I really just
realized there’s two fuel stations and two egg cell points where I didn’t click
on that earlier yeah you got eggs barleygreen and eggs Whitney so that’s
pretty cool and that’s your egg point now and now we want to head off yet we are
going the sort of right way we’ll go down this way swing a right nice a big
old reigned about there a detail of it really nice-looking Map let’s get past that truck seeing as a few cars but not excessive
amounts of cars I’ve got to be careful because we’ve got the horses cover down
here as well and I didn’t want to miss that one because I’m actually been down
there yet where is it next turn off I’ll tell you
what let’s go to the shop first because it’s just past it so we’ve got the shop
just coming up here turn down into here and we got turbine grain which you drop
off points right in the back here where as it rain the corner carrying on rain
come on get Rayna there it is just there and then we go to the shop which is just
next door just in here and there’s my Mahindra got workshop trigger just over
there and then the body point for the shop is over there so not a huge area
but enough to going on the spending spree and left the store get it enough
equipment ate right so we will head our way down towards the horses now and they
are just up here on the left hand side it should be this next turn off just
here now I haven’t been down here yet a bit of a bumpy road going in and here
we have the horses so that’s our dialogue for it
animal dialogue and see that’s easy what’s that straw I think so and then we
have our water trough and it’s nice that they have these pedals next to it well
you normally tell because the water trough is square and then the food
trough slopes down like that for those who don’t know so that’s the food trough
water trough and that sort of there is nothing it’s
just there for sure I think it’s not a lime station or anything like that right
we’ll get back on the road and head our way down to the last couple of cell
points but overall you look across there’s one
of the other wood area there at the forest areas see that on the map there
and you can see there’s that that pond there I’ve got water at that pond with
no problems and then we go down the hill but when you look out into the landscape
as well it’s um it’s never on and then the map looks like it just doesn’t stop right so we swing a left and then we
come down to the animal dealer which dialog box for that is just there
and you can see what we got we got k’s pig farm horse sheep now we got a few
caves and sheep over here but we can’t get into this one either all that just
to look pretty and then across the road from there we have the second BGA now
this BGA is a little bit bigger and we’ve got a solo just there then I’ll
drop off position is over there and it looks like we can drop off onto the
floor with these and then our digestate depicted I just ate up it’s just there
now I think not yeah that is a lime station just there and basically we have makes our point
which is Linton mill that’s one of the ones what takes all your main
commodities lots of signs for it again Linton mill what which was that what
excels yeah is cool I love signs everywhere they help things a great deal
they really do so moving on down and we have wind states doors on my own about
it’s the spinner II see you’ve got all these signs everywhere and then the
spinner II there is no wool or anything there it’s just the stores but never
mind never mind Oh get on the right side of the road and
that is pretty much it covered I think we’ve done pretty much all of it one
thing I will do though is just shoot up and show you these other storage areas
which I missed on the way down so I will see you there in a moment right so the here’s of one of the other
storage areas and basically we got this storage area there and you can see
there’s another one just north of it and that easy a lot for Greenwich Valley
excellent Map this is one of the best new Maps I’ve seen for a long time for
farming simulator 19 pretty impressed with it done a really good job
I knew this is gonna be really popular you can guarantee so there it is there’s
a map tool for grilling valley by a green bail I hope you’ve enjoyed this
map tool and if you did always appreciate if you smash that like button
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