Hello I’m Michelle Park here with the weather
update. We are expecting another burst of showers
tonight with thunder and lightning in some areas. The amount of rain varies across the country. Central and the Gyeongbuk regions will see
between 10 to 40 millimeters, while 5 to 20 millimieters of rain are expected elsewhere. There’ll be a brief respite after the night’s
showers, but starting tomorrow we are in for a full-scale monsoon season. The monsoon will hit Jeju Island first and
gradually move northwards bringing nationwide rain by Sunday, which will drag on throughout
next week in the central areas. Tomorrow, we can expect a brighter morning
than today, with Seoul starting out at 22 degrees Celsius while Daegu and Busan will
both hit 21 degrees. As soon as the rain ends tonight, right off
the bat, temperatures are expect to rise. Seoul will reach 30 degrees while Gwangju
and Busan will top out at 30 and 27. I’ll leave you with the weather conditions
around the world.