Nothing is more hateful than failing to protect the one you love. There’s no justice in this world unless we
make it Avenge Them I believe men of talent have a part to play
in the war to come. I will never sit on the Iron Throne. You could help another climb those steps and
take that seat. I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel. That little monster is out there somewhere
drawing breath. I don’t think I’m ready for what I deserve. They’ll never even find what’s left of you. Strip away the gold Knock down the statues and this is what remains… The seven kingdoms needs a ruler loved by
millions, with a powerful army and the right family name. Good luck finding him. Who said anything about “him”? Hey everybody, thanks for all the awesome
comments on my Trailer video from last night. Those are always fun to make after 10 cups
of coffee waiting for footage
to post and then sifting through all the crappy cell phone versions. There’s some big news I’ll start with.
George RR Martin confirmed no Winds of Winter this year. I’m not super surprised. But
they are releasing all three of the Dunk and Egg short stories in a collected edition.
“The Hedge Knight,” “The Sworn Sword” and “The Mystery Knight.” There’s no official release date for that
book. But I’ll totally give a couple copies away when it gets here. Right now the books
are out of print so this is really cool. If you haven’t read any of the short stories,
they’re prequels set a long time before the events going on in the books right now. Maisie Williams also did a Reddit AMA, but
it was for the bullying movie she just released. She didn’t talk about any Game of Thrones
Spoilers. On to Season 5 Trailer fun stuff – There were a couple of big questions everyone
had that I can answer right away. Careful for spoilers through season 4 on the
show. Yes, this woman is young cersei. The reason
she pricks her finger and bleeds is because Maggy the frog has to taste her blood to read
her future. Because they included a flashback scene in the trailer. This scene here is also
probably Cersei and her friend Melara. So maybe they’ll show the infamous Melara scene. The books never made that explicit but I always
felt her death was implied. Some of these scenes up north of the wall
might also be at Hardholme. Eastwatch by the Sea is one of the other possible locations.
It does look like there’s an assault on Hardholme at some point. It’s a run down wildling town up here on
the coast beyond the haunted forest. This character here might be the Lord of Bones
without his mask on. Probably from this same area near the shoreline. This box that opens for Cersei is most definitely
from the Martells. Now that we have a nice sharp version we can see the snake head. This
pendant is probably Myrcellas. This is probably what incites Jaime to go
to Dorne with Bronn. To make sure she’s okay. As for Martells and Dorne. It looks like they’re
giving the Arianne Martell part in the books to Ellaria Sand. Yes it’s a change from
the books, but given what happened to Oberyn it’s not a huge leap to think she would
flip her shit and go on the warpath. She doesn’t command any troops. She’s
not part of the royal family, so she needs to convince the noble born sand snakes and
Prince Doran to do something. That gets into Dornish Master plan. Yes, I do think we will
see a version of that explained. Prince Doran is a very smart person. Of course the tv show
version of him will have a plan for the Lannisters. I still cant’ tell but I think we will see
lemon trees in Sunspear. Margeary and Tommen’s wedding, I’m sure
Cersei will enjoy that. This looks like Tyrion and Varys in Meereen It looks like Maester Aemon is on that funeral
pyre This doesn’t look like one of the sand snakes,
but I still think it’s in Dorne. I think they’ll give some of the more salacious
Arys Oakheart scenes to Jaime and Bronn. These soldiers could also be the Brazen Beasts.
They’re a group of fighters formed by Daenerys. This Dragon is actually Rhaegal. Now that
we have an HD version we can see the green color. Look how big he is. He’s bigger than
Drogon was last year. So imagine what that means for Drogon. And then this, the statue falling down the
pyramid might be a replacement for what Quentyn Martell does at the end of Dance with Dragons. Please use spoiler tags, because that is kind
of a big one. Moving on to Questions Number 1 – madkiller asks do you think Tyrion
will reach Daenerys by the end of the season. Much Quicker based on behind the scenes stuff Number 2 – michael says, no greyjoys saddens
me. I’m excited to see what goes on at the wall this season. Most action north of the wall Number 3 – Alexe asks why did they cut out
Young Griff, isn’t he one of the most important characters? Number 4 – Eufi said House of M This wasn’t a question exactly but all I
could think about after I read it was Marvel’s House of M and Ellaria Sand doing the scarlet
witch thing screaming “No More Lannisters” Number 5 – what about Shireen, is she going
to have any
part to play?