We have 3 key players in this conflict: Margaery
Tyrell, The High Sparrow and Cersei. Lets examine each side. Cersei is in a really weak position. In the
first half of the season she some control over her son, Jaime just returned and she
managed to broker alliance with Olenna Tyrell and Kevan Lannister, the hand of the king.
Now, Jaime was forced to leave, she has no notable allies. She has no soldiers of her
own and is universally hated. All she has is the Mountain and Qyburn the person who
revived the Mountain and is in possession of Varys spies.
she also has been getting more and more crazy. With a journey that started with Joffrey death,
she is slowly becomes more desperate and mad. With the fear of the prophesy that all her
children will die and with Tommen the last child standing. There is not much she won’t
do to get him back. On the other side we have the High Sparrow,
a person who’s power has been growing each passing episode. The guy more or less control
kings landing now, he has the kings ear, He has the love of the people and has no real
opposition other then Cersei. He even has his own army backing him. The wild card is Margaery. Her greatest advantage
is that everyone seems to believe her act, that she joined the faith, so if she does
something she has the element of surprise. She does not have much support of her own
in Kingslanding though, she sent her grandmother and I doubt she will include her father in
her scheme. It is not clear who the king will listen to more, her or the High Sparrow. I
think Tommen is buying what the faith is selling, thanks in part to her. so making him go against
them won’t be easy, but is possible. I think that her number one priority is to save her
brother, I think another reason is to take revenge on Cersei for what she did and don’t
think she doesn’t want to take control if the opportunity is there. Cersei can’t win the trial, they canceled trial by combat after they saw what the Mountain
can do, They have the proof in the form of Lancal Lannister, a cousin she slept with
in Season 2 and is now a member of the faith and well… she is guilty But she is not about
to go down easy. Game of thrones is a show of foreshadowing and just last episode Jaime said Now the speculation is that last episode when Qyburn said He told her that he found a stock of wildfire left by the mad king. So after she loses the trial she will use
the wildfire to burn her enemies, but this action will have casualties she did not plan
for, I think Tommen is going to die because of her actions. Either that or his death will
trigger her to use the wild fire, either way Tommen is dead in my opinion.
This will leave the Throne without an heir and for anyone who is familiar with R+L=J,
the revelation of the tower of joy which I think happens in the same episode will have
more meaning. I do think that when the dust settles she
will regain control back in king’s landing. I mostly think this because of this reason.
When Daenerys arrives, which I think will happen next season. Who wants to see Dany fight for control with The High Sparrow? or even with Margaery no one is invested in a win for the High Sparrow or Margaery. and king’s landing in the control of a mad Cersei will be a lot more interesting can you imagine king’s landing without Cersei, It will be more boring then Dorne Needless to say I think the High Sparrow will
die, I think Loras Tyrell will either die or be badly injured. I do not think Margaery
will die though, I think she will lead Highgarden and her family and might join forces with
Daenerys in the future when she tries to take control of king’s landing. Think about it,
we have Sansa leading the Starks, we have Daenerys leading the Targaryens, Ellaria Sand
leading Dorne and Yara Greyjoy vying for control of the iron islands. I think that in the end Cersei acting like
the mad king will cause him to kill her, to put her out of her misery of losing all of
her childern. So we have Tommen, The High Sparrow and Loras
dying, We have a mad Cersei in control of king’s landing and Margaery fleeing and
taking control of Highgarden. Of course this is all speculation, It will
be interesting to see in which parts I was right and which I was not. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, Leave your
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