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HBO just posted the episode 10th trailer. Let’s take a look at it. In the first scene we see Cersei, Margery,
Tommen etc. preparing for the trial, and the High Sparrow asking Loras Tyrell if he is
ready to profess his guilt or his innocence before the seven. There will be seven judges
of this Trial. I think Loras will be forgiven for confessing his sins like Margery. But
Cersei won’t. Tommen might learn about his parentage or something might happen to Margery,
and Tommen will commit suicide. And if the rumor really was about the Wildfire, Cersei
might burn the Sept of Baelor to the ground burning the High Sparrow and everyone else
in it. Then we see a white raven soaring towards
Winterfell. In the books, the masters of the Citadel send these ravens to announce the
change in seasons. In season 2, we saw that the conclave had declared the end of the 10
year long summer and the beginning of autumn. It was the longest summer in living mem ory
and a long summer always means a longer winter. So, this time, they are going to announce
that Winter has has finally arrived. Then we see Jon telling Sansa that they need
to trust each other because they have so many enemies now. And he is right. Especially if
Littlefinger will keep filling Sansa’s head with doubts. I think Jon will be announced
as the King in the north. Sansa will support him but LittleFinger will keep telling her
that she is the rightful heir. Then we see Walder Frey celebrating with Jaime
and the others, saying the Freys and the Lannisters send their regards. I think either Arya will
show up and kill him saying the “Starks send their regards” or I still have hope
that Lady Stoneheart might turn up at the feast. Either way, I am pretty sure that Walder
Frey will die in this episode. As I predicted in my previous videos, Little
Finger will meet with Sansa before the heart tree. He says, “you know what I want”.
By the look on his face, it looks like he is going to propose to her. He might ask for
her hand in marriage. Then we see Davos will confront Melissandra
about Shireen in front of Jon. He asks her to tell him what she did to her. Melissandra
looks ashamed. My guess is after learning what she did, Jon might ask her to leave but
before she’ll leave, the word of Whitewalkers attacking the wall will reach them and she’ll
finally stay. Then we see just a glimpse of Bran. I wish
there was more. As I predicted in my previous videos, he’ll reach the wall and cross it,
making it possible for the Night King to break the Wall’s magic and attack it. The wights
might be able to climb the wall, once its wards are down. We also see Lancel walking outside. He might
just be delivering a message. Probably about Tommen’s death. Then we see that Tyrion asks Daenerys if she’s
afraid. When she’ll say yes, he’ll say Good, You’re in the great game now, and
the great game is terrifying. As I predicted in my pervious videos, I think Daario is the
leader of the sons of the Harpy, and there will be one final attack where he will reveal
himself. I’ll post another practice Game of Riddles
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