Hi guys, let’s talk about Game of Thrones
ending today. Georgia Martin has probably been asked a million times how the story is
going to end. Everyone knows he’s not going to reveal how it will actually
end until he releases his final book but he did give us an idea what we can
expect. He said that the ending of this amazing story will have a bittersweet
ending. What he actually meant by that? Try to make it simple, let’s look at the
book title first. The story is a Song of Ice and Fire. The Night King definitely presents ICE, and as the Season 7 ended we can somehow say that John Snow with Daenerys Targaryen is on the other side which presents FIRE. That makes sense because John Snow and Daenerys both have dragon blood (let’s go back to that in a min). But who is going to end the nightmare of the Night King and the White Walkers, what would happen after that with the throne, how the others play the role towards the ending? Let’s collect the correct theories first. 1. The Night King is Azor Ahai, NOT a White Walker We knew that the children of the forest created the white walkers with the magic to fight back the human who invaded them, but not by putting the dragon glass in their chest. Eventually, the human and the children created a pact and stopped fighting. But thousands of years later the
White Walkers returned, so the last hero found the children of the forest and had them convert him into the Night King in order to use the super magic power to
control the White Walkers. The Night King then traveled north while the children and
human built the magical wall in case the White Walkers ever return. So the Night
King is NOT a White Walker, he can in fact control the
White Walkers or create White Walkers by touching the babies, because the main difference is that he has a dragon glass in his chest. 2. The Night King had an ice dragon Before the Night King touched the dead dragon and turned it into the ice dragon, he had 2 types of armies: – Wight (created by raising the dead): vulnerable to fire and dragon glass – White Walker: vulnerable to Valyrian steel and dragon glass The Ice Dragon was created also by the Night King touching the dragon head, so it’s basically a White Walker also, but it can fly and is very big in size, would be much harder to kill. 3. Bran Stark is Bran The Builder We knew that Bran can warg into the animal and human and control their actions. We also knew that he can go back into time. We noticed that young Ned Stark seems to hear Bran’s call out to him. Bran has a huge potential influence on the events on this planet. Back in Game of Thrones history, the voice in the mad king’s head could possibly belong to Bran. If you remember Jaime’s testimony, the mad king just kept repeating “Burn them all, burn them all”, and if you remember what happened to Hodor, he kept saying “Hold the door, hold the door”. The mad king wasn’t perhaps really mad after all, but it was Bran who saw the army of the death and repeat “burn them all”. When people asked what the name of the guy in the who built the wall, the answer is Bran. There you go, Bran The Builder. Because Bran can time-travel, he could go back in time thousands of years to build the magical
wall with the children of the forest. 4. John Snow and Daenerys are relative We discovered that John Snow is actually the son of Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark. Ned found his sister Lyanna dying in a bed filled with blood, and she made one last request to her brother begging him to keep the secret. That secret, although was not clearly told in the story, is 99% right that John Snow is her baby with Rhaegar, and therefore the relative of Daenerys and the rightful heir to the iron throne. 5. Who else can change the ending? Ceicei, Jaime Lannister, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, LittleFinger. Not many, fortunately.
You might also say about Tyrion Lannister or Lord Varys, but they would not make a big difference I think. Tyrion Lannister, for instance, would not become the king. With the above information in our hands, we can now predict several ways this story can end: 1. One or some more main characters will die Definitely, the Night King will die even if the white walkers are not all killed. This is because he is too strong now, and if he and the white walkers kill everyone, it’s certainly not a bittersweet ending as Martin said. So someone will find a way to kill him. The combination of John Snow, Daenerys, Bran Stark and Sam will make this happen. According to the story that told, Azor Ahai 2 will be the second hero to kill the Night King. But who is going to be Azor Ahai 2? Daenerys can’t do this alone because she only has the dragons, and one of them was killed and turned into the White Walker side. Her dragons might only help to create Valyrian steel with dragon fire, to kill the White Walkers. Sam can probably help defeating the ice dragon, perhaps by using the horn he once found in the Season 2 to control the dragon. As Night King is not a white walker, he is probably invulnerable to dragon glass and Valyrian steel, someone must have the magic power like Bran Stark or someone must transform into a person with the power like the Night King has and sacrifice himself to kill him and the White Walkers. The hero, therefore, can only be John Snow or Brand Stark, so either of them will die. If he is John Snow, one of the thoeries is that he will also become a Night King. 2. Littlefinger will die Sansa Stark knew him well enough to not be cheated by him anymore I believe. Arya Stark should also be smart enough to finally see his true face, and Little Finger would have a downfall and not a good ending. 3. What about Ceicei? She would definitely not become the final winner, because it’s for sure not a bittersweet ending. To get rid of this main character, there would be different ways. But I would assume that Arya Stark will somehow kill her. Ceicei was the last person in Arya Stark’s list and Arya has never failed before. Also, Ceicei is able to collect information from every corner of Westeros, so it sounds impossible for someone ever tried to get closer to her, not even touch her. Only Arya could possibly do this, by living under another person’s skin (I am talking about the masks). Noone knows if a person is Arya until it’s done. 4. Jaime? Jaime Lannister is a man with a kind heart and does not want the throne. He just loved Ceicei. So wherever the ending of the story is, he will not be the king. If Ceicei dies, he can even follow her to the heaven also. 5. Who will be the final King of 7 kingdoms after all? That would be “the prince that was promised”, claimed to date back thousand of years. There was a prophecy asserted that one day a noble prince would be born between smoke and salt with the power to unite and save all the kingdom of man. The prince would arrive to stop the terrible winter, most likely reference to the cold and monster creatures living north of the war. That’s the dragon prince. Ok, the dragon prince born between smoke and salt, that would be the son of Daenerys and John Snow born during the war with the white walkers, isn’t he? He is definitely the rightful heir after all. So my final prediction is that the son of John Snow and Daenerys will be the king after all kingdoms are united, and Sansa Stark (maybe with Tyrion Lannister) would become the rulers of the North. BUT, after all, George R.R. Martin is the Real Winner of ‘Game of Thrones’, do you agree?