In this video, I will discuss the Lord of
Darkness aka The Great Other and who his champion is in this series. So stay tuned for that… Hello Everyone. Welcome to UBM. Your one stop for book and TV series reviews. I’ve already discussed all the Gods of Westeros
in my previous videos. In those videos, I said that all the Gods
will contribute by providing a champion to fight for them in the Great War. But who are they fighting? I am going to discuss that in this video. I’ll post another video next Saturday at
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me on Patreon at And I want to thank you Aaron Arguelles for
contributing to my channel. In most of the religions, there are two common
principles. Good and evil, black and white, Angel and
demons, God and the Devil etc. Similarly, in the faith of R’hollor, it’s
followers believe that there are only two gods. The Lord of Light, who is the God of Light,
heat and life; and The Lord of Darkness aka the Great Other, who is the God of ice and
death. Moqorro has said to Victarion Greyjoy in the
books. “There are no gods but R’hollor and the
Other, whose name may not be said.” R’hollor is also called the Lord of Light,
the Heart of Fire, the God of Flame and Shadow. And the great Other, whose name may not be
spoken, is also called the Lord of Darkness, the Soul of Ice, the God of Night and Terror. The House of Black and White’s wooden door
is half weirwood and half ebony. Half is white, half is dark. Could this also refer to the belief of the
Lord of Light and the Lord of Darkness? Whether it’s North or South, in the seven
Kingdoms, almost all the kids are raised praising either the Old Gods or the New Gods AND they
are raised Fearing the Others aka Whitewalkers coming to claim them if they misbehave. They are also used in many curses like “May
the Others Take them. Etc.” So, just like our modern culture, the Others
play the role of Devil here. Even Mel is afraid of the Lord of Darkness. The reason they are afraid to say his name
is because they believe that saying his name will draw his eyes upon them, kind of like
saying Voldemort in Harry Potter. BTW, I finally figured out who the Lord of
Darkness or the Dark God is and how he was created. Remember who else was called Dark and whose
name must not be spoken? Yes, The Dark Lord aka Voldemort. When Harry killed him, he became ‘The great
other’.. Haha.. I know.. My jokes are still terrible. Anyways, in the books, Melissandre has said
to Mance Rayder before his execution, ‘We all must choose. Man or woman, young or old, lord or peasant,
our choices are the same. We choose light or we choose darkness.’ R’hollor’s followers also believe that
these two Gods are locked in an eternal struggle over the fate of the world, and according
to the Prophecies from the books of Asshai, this struggle will only end when Azhor A’hai
will return with Lightbringer and will raise Dragons
from the stone. Which means they believe that the Others aka
the Whitewalkers will return and Azor A’hai will be reborn to lead the light. I’ve already discussed some of this in my
Lord of Light and his champion video. I’ll read the prophecy from the books. “There will come a day after a long summer,
when the stars bleed and the cold breath of darkness falls heavy on the world. In this dread hour a warrior shall draw from
the fire a burning sword. And that sword shall be Lightbringer, the
Red Sword of Heroes, and he who clasps it shall be Azor Ahai come again, and the darkness
shall flee before him.” Melissandre also says to Davos, ‘These little
wars are no more than a scuffle of children before what is to come. The one whose name may not be spoken is marshaling
his power, Davos Seaworth, a power fell and evil and strong beyond measure. Soon comes the cold, and the night that never
ends. Unless true men find the courage to fight
it. Men whose hearts are fire.’ She also says, ‘When the red star bleeds
and the darkness gathers, Azor Ahai shall be born again amidst smoke and salt to wake
dragons out of stone.’ As you can see, half of the prophecy has already
come true. The Others have returned. We first saw the Whitewalkers in the beginning
of the series when they killed Ser Waymar Royce and Will. The Dragons are born again. In the Lord of Light’s ‘Histories and
Lores’ video, Thoros of Myr says that ‘The Lord of Light is real.. and if he is real,
then all of it is real.’ And I must admit he has a point. We all have seen the powers of Lord of Light. He not only resurrected Beric Dandarrion,
but he also resurrected Lady Stoneheart in the books, and Jon Snow in the show. And in the books, Melisandre has more powers
than in the show. She kills Orell’s eagle with fire. R’hollor was also behind the deaths of Joffery,
Robb & Balon Greyjoy, because Stannis and Melisandre burned those leeches in the fire
and said their names, and he somehow made it happen.. As for who the Great other’s champion is? I think it’s pretty obvious. In the show, it’s the Night King. In the books, we haven’t seen the NK yet,
but I still believe that the NK or some leader of the Whitewalkers will show up in Winds
of Winter. The other options could be Jaime or Bran. In the books, Jaime dreams about seeing the
dead and he wields a sword burning with Blue fire. And the Three Eyed Raven tells Bran that Darkness
will protect him. But it’s not enough proof to think that
they will be the Great Other’s champions. That’s why I believe that it’s the NK. And how did it all begun? Melisandre believes that the Others aka the
Whitewalkers are the ‘Cold Children of the Great Other.’ But how did the Others were created in the
first place? I know the Children of the Forest were trying
to create a perfect soldier like Benjen Stark or Coldhands, but how did it all go wrong
and how did they become the creatures of Cold? I’ve already explained my theory on what
might have happened in my Night King’s Magic explained video. In that video, I said when the children were
giving him their powers, the Night King took way more than they had intended to give him. But how can a normal human do that on his
own? In the books, Melisandre thinks the WWs are
the champion of the others. I think the Lord of Darkness HELPED the NK
take more than he needed. How did he do that? I’ll discuss that in the end. He created his own champion aka the First
Whitewalker or the Night King using the Children’s magic. And as I had said in my ‘What woke the Whitewalkers’
and my ‘Craster’s sons theory’ videos, I think the Night King was creating his own
army by killing any living thing he came across, just like Old Nan used to tell in her stories. As Melisandre thinks in the books, ‘Death
is his domain, and the dead his soldiers.’ He was also waiting for the long Summer to
end. I believe that for some time, The Great Other
was weaker. In the show, Varys tells Tyrion that when
the sorcerer threw his parts in the flames, it turned blue and a voice answered. “Yet I still dream of that night, my lord. Not of the sorcerer, nor his blade, nor even
the way my manhood shriveled as it burned. I dreamed of the voice. The voice from the flames. Was it a god, a demon, some conjurer’s trick? I could not tell you, and I know all the tricks.” In my Varys’s vision in the fire video,
I said it was R’hollor, but the more I think about it, I think it might have been the Great
Other. What if Varys’s ritual awoke The Great Other
or rather made him more powerful? It was blood Magic and Blood Magic is considered
the darkest and most powerful type of Magic. Azor A’hai used bloodmagic to create Lightbringer. Similarly, Dany used Bloodmagic to hatch the
dragon eggs. Magic had started fading from the world when
the dragons have died, and it started coming back when Dany’s dragons were born. I have a feeling that it’s all connected
somehow. I’ll explain it in detail in a separate
video. So I think that the Great Other was weak until
some ritual gave him power. And after that, he still couldn’t do much
until the Nk has gathered his army. Maybe that’s when he sent the Whitewalkers
to make a deal with Craster? Just like R’hollor, I believe The Great
Other also had SOME power left. I think it was the Great Other’s powers
which kept ‘the Lands of Always Winter’ permanently locked in Winter and in a perpetually
frozen state. But as I’d said in my ‘What woke the Whitewalkers’
video, the Long Night will come again after the Longest Summer and this summer was the
Longest of all lasting 9 years. And now that Winter has arrived in Westeros,
I believe that the Great Other is more powerful now. Which is another reason why the Night King
decided to invade Westeros now. I believe that in season 8, the Lord of Darkness’s
champion will face not only the Lord of Light’s champion but he will also have to face the
Old God’s, the Many Faced God’s and the New God’s champions as well. I’ve also said in my ‘Who is the Prince
that was Promised & Azor A’hai’ video, that the three Heads of the Dragons aka the
three saviours will play an important role in the great war. Just like the prophecies say, Azor A’hai
reborn will lead the war for Dawn against the WWs. And I believe that one of them will be defeated
for good. “Neither can live while the other survives.” Haha.. It looks like we have a lot more in common
with Harry Potter than just its cast. What do you think? Anyways, it’s time for the comment shoutout
now. Todays comment shoutout goes to Sean Killackey,
who said, “These symbols are not in the books, but could GRRM and D&D be adding meaning
in the show with these symbols? Seems probable because the signs are repetitive.” I completely agree with you Sean. They won’t give so much importance to the
symbols unless they are really important. Joe Figueroa has asked “Can you do a video
on the Night King and what do you think the Symbols are about?” May be just like the Red Priests, The Whitewalkers
also sacrifice people to the Great Other. Dany also formed a symbol with the pyre and
the dragons were born fulfilling the prophecy. I think these symbols may be letters from
the True Tongue? The True Tongue is the language of the COTF. What if the Children meant to do the ritual
for the Old Gods, but instead, it somehow empowered the Great Other? Kind of like a wrong call. It was meant for the Old Gods but the Great
Other picked it up? What if this is what awakened the great other? The ritual somehow became a sort of sacrifice
when Leaf inserted the Dragonglass through that First man’s heart? I’m going to discuss these symbols in detail
in a separate video. So stay tuned for that. So, what do you think of these theories, don’t
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