– This is why GoPro should
be making a new drone. (funky music) (upbeat music) What’s going on friends, today David and I have in the studio the new GoPro HERO7 Black Edition. The latest and greatest from GoPro. This thing is toting some
insane stabilization. Go Pro is calling their new
Gimbal-like Hyper Smooth. I don’t know if you’ve seen
David, some of the videos, that have been filmed with this thing. But they are wild. With this new stabilization
we had an idea. Little bit of the boop. Check it out. Like we always do. We always have an idea.
(David laughing) We all know how GoPro
did in the drone game. You guys remember the Karma. (drone humming) And yeah, things just didn’t go so well. (loudly crashing) But what if GoPro was
still in the drone game. What if they still had a drone. What would 2018 GoPro drone look like? Could it compete with the DJI? Could it be the drone champion? I think. That’s an idea worth
exploring and here’s why. GoPro had one massive thing
going for them with the Karma, that wasn’t really realized. They had a camera, a
stabilizer, and a drone that could all be used separately. That’s something DJI
doesn’t have right now. DGI drones are awesome. David and I we both use
DJI drones all the time, but the downfall of it
is they’re so expensive and they’re really only
usable for one thing. You have your action camera
and then you have your drone. And the drone is really only good for that aerial photography. And this is where the Karma
had an amazing advantage to where you can take
that action camera off and that stabilizer and use it separately as an action camera. You could literally film an entire action, amazing shoot, with just the Karma. If it had worked. So the biggest issue with the
Karma was that it was massive, and it didn’t have the
same functionalities, and the same speed, and sort
of precision that DJI has, but if we we’re try and
create a new GoPro drone by combining the GoPro
with a DJI Mavic Air. If we were to combine these
two brand new technologies, could we create the ultimate
drone, the ultimate tool, that is all you need for
filming action videos? Let’s get this thing out
of the box and find out. (airy music) There you go, the brand new GoPro HERO7. (fingers snapping) All right, so we’re at the shop right now. We’re gonna try and create this drone. We have the GoPro HERO7 here, obviously, and a brand new Mavic Air. So what I did here is we just
attached this to the front like so, and then if it was
an actual drone hopefully, it will be able to pivot like this. Maybe we can get some real
function where we can do that. Let’s see what we can do. (electronic music) Boom! There we go. The combination of probably the best drone in existence right now. There’s the Mavic Pro as well. Personally, huge fan of Mavic Air due to it’s portability and size. Crazy drone. Can this be upgraded with this new Hero 7? I cannot wait to find out. I’m a little worried at how
that sticky is right there. It’s kind of on an angle. We could get a longer piece here. That would probably be ideal. – [David] It’s looking beautiful so far. It’s ready for action. – Yup, I think so. Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. (funky music) – One last final touch. All right. (funky music) – Now you know it’s legit. All right, let’s go. (electronic music) – [David] Got the goods. Woo.
– Dusty. At one point, all of this land used to
be covered with water. – (laughs) Earlier today. – The worst part of shooting these videos, is when we get out here, we never know if the sun
is gonna be in a good spot. And right now it’s almost
behind that mountain and then there’s a giant cloud. So like it’s very gray right now. I don’t know what kind of
footage we’re gonna be getting with this drone, if it works. Might be a little overcast,
but what can you do. It’ll be a good low-light
test pretty soon. Right now we’re just
waiting for David, whoa. Did you get the part? Did you find it? (inspirational music) – Tell me this is it. – [Fin] Dun, dun, dun, dun,
dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun. – Is this it?
– Yeah, that’s it. – Oh!
(both laughing) – [Fin] Like that dramatic
pause while I figure it out? That’s the one. All right, boom.
– Awesome. – [Fin] Let’s do it. Reconfiguring our little contraption here. GoPro back on the front. Oh man look at that. It is absolutely gorgeous.
– Oh yeah. – Boom, there we go. It looks like it’s ready
to rock n’ roll again. I mean this is a lot of weight. Honestly, feel that drone. It’s pretty heavy now. – [David] Oh, yeah it’s
definitely very front heavy. – That’s a lot more heavy.
– Uh-oh. – I didn’t know it was gonna happen. Try and take this off. If it does have too much weight
definitely what we can do is we can–
– Gorilla Tape! – Gorilla Tape everything.
– Yeah. – And just Gorilla Tape this to the front that way it definitely
saves a lot of weight. This is–
– So the advantage of this right now is that you can actually
change the angle of the GoPro. – Yeah, so you can go woop and point down. – [David] Yeah. You can have different angles. – And we charged the
batteries on this right? (both lightly laughing) Moment of truth. It’s on 4K 60FPS and we haven’t fried out the actual stabilization on this yet. So it will be interesting to see– – [David] It will be a test of fire. A baptism of fire. – So this is on. I can turn the drone on right now. And I guess we’ll just go for it. Let’s grab the remote.
– Let’s do it. – And see what happens.
– Whoo! – Let’s do it. My favorite part of flying drones. – [David] Recalibration. (upbeat music) – Spin. This way. Calibration failed. Gosh, dang it. – [David] Rotate it vertically. (bell dings)
– All right! It’s booted up, ready to go. I guess we should start
recording on the GoPro first, and then take it off. So there you go. The GoPro is filming and,
yeah, we’re ready to rock. So I’m gonna take it off
and we’ll see if it can fly. I’m just ready for it to
just dip into the earth. Like I’m scared. – [David] Moment of truth; will it work? Right.
– Oh there we go. Now it’s good.
– Oh, oh. – Okay, David, I’m gonna let go. – [David] Whoa! (loudly whirring) Ho, ho. – [Fin] Whoa. – [David] Whoa. – It’s definitely having a difficult time, but it is working,
– It’s working so far. – It is flying, it like
flew out of my hands because it thinks there’s so much weight because of that weight, right.
– Yup. – Okay so, it is filming right there. I’m gonna try and get
some shots with it now. I can’t see what it’s filming
right now because obviously the Go Pro’s in front. Oh, you know what we should do? We should get a phone
to connect to the GoPro to see what it’s seeing. So, that would probably be ideal. Let’s try and fly this for now and see what we can get for now. That looks pretty good. Dude, that’s impressive. I don’t want to go over the
water yet, just because– – Yeah.
– What should I film here? I’m gonna go on this ridge here. I’m gonna get it to follow me, so just, just come follow
me a little behind. (light upbeat music) – [David] Yo, it’s doing it. – [Fin] Good, really good,
like so far so good dude. (light upbeat music) – [Fin] I mean, it’s doing really well. – [David] It’s doing really well, dude. – [Fin] We don’t know
exactly what it’s seeing, but I mean it looks pretty sick. – [David] So the cool
thing about the GoPro is that it’s wide angles, so
it’s probably seeing a lot. – We’re trying to do a cool circle shot. It circles around. That went a little too far away. Yeah, like look at that, like it– – [David] Whoa. (light music) – I’m so curious to see what
this footage looks like. Should I try a water shot? Dare I? Should I try it? – [David] Try it! – Let’s do it.
– Send it. – [Fin] Going over to the water. Here we go. I’m gonna get nice and low. Whoa, whoa, whoa. – [David] Ah. – Nice and low to the water. I’m gonna sweep back up. (light music) – [David] Oh, oh, oh, it’s coming. It’s coming this way. – [Fin] Here comes,
here comes, here comes. – Beautiful.
– Dude. – [David] Is this the best drone ever? – I don’t know dude. The front sensors are still working. – [David] Dude it’s working perfectly. – It’s pretty good dude, it’s pretty good. All right so, it’s
beeping on me right now. I’m gonna land it. – [David] Ooh. – There we go. First successful flight
with the GoPro drone. – And the advantage of this is that now you can take off the GoPro. – Exactly. Now let’s say I got my drone shots, all I have to do is take
this little guy right here. It’s a little tight, boom, ah.
(David laughing) – And there we go, I continue shooting with the GoPro right here. Let me get a shot of that. That’s the drone right
there, buh-buh boom. I can continue shooting with
this and get some sick shots. I think we should test this a bit more and see exactly what it’s capable of. So you guys see it’s attached
to the drone like this right? And you can fly it up to your vehicle and then pop this thing off,
attach it to your vehicle, and continue from there. Could make for some really sick stuff that you just can’t do with a DJI. You can do a transition,
obviously with a DJI, but your transitioning
from the DJI’s camera to a different camera. It’s gonna look different, and that means you have
to have two cameras. With this, all you would need
would be this one unit so. Oh this is so cool, I’m
so happy this works. Why don’t we hit a few
more different locations and see if we can get some cool shots. I wanna try transitioning
from this, right, to this, and see if we
can like get a cool shot. All right, back to the car.
– Yeah. – Before the water comes
up too fast ya know, run. – Yeah, it’s coming, it’s
coming, we gotta run. It’s pretty far in, I think we’re good. – [Fin] Yeah, shh. Mad drama here, ba, ba, bam. (funky music) Ready? (“Be Free With Me” by
Siine feat. Frank Moody) ♪ Take my hand we’ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can’t miss out ♪ ♪ I’m done living life
with the lights out ♪ ♪ Die with my own doubts ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ (both laughing) – [Levi] Ah, yeah! ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ – All right, so we are back out here. We found a cool little location to do some more GoPro filming. By the way, I brought Levi this time. What’s up? We are gonna try and climb up
this kind of hill over here and get some sick GoPro/drone shots. We did a little bit of
drifting on the way here. Little bit of splashing
through some water, some cool shots. There was this sick road coming
in that we got some shots with the DJI and also with the GoPro. So I’m curious to the see
the kind of comparison between the two of those. For now let’s go hike up here and see if we can get
some more cool shots. All right so, let’s go
and climb this hill. The GoPro is on Levi’s head right now. We’re gonna see if we can kind of do transition from the
running to Levi’s head. Should be sick. Hey, hey. – [Levi] Let’s go. Yeah, I mean if we go over this side, even then it’s not the best. Yo, this is dope. The DJI’s so cool. (wind loudly blowing) Winds. – [Fin] No, no! – [Levi] (laughs) Holy crap. Where’d it go? – [Fin] It’s gone. – [Levi] The wind is crazy. Your hat is gone. – [Fin] My hat is gone. – [Levi] We’re gonna have to
try to look for that later. – Yo, it is crazy up here. ♪ Already packing ♪ ♪ Come with me ♪ ♪ I’m not really asking ♪ ♪ We’ll get away ♪ ♪ To a place where we don’t know ♪ ♪ About to see the world in action ♪ ♪ What we can be ♪ ♪ Life with no distractions ♪ ♪ We’ll get away ♪ ♪ This is what we waited for ♪ – [Levi] Holy crap. ♪ We’ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can’t miss out ♪ ♪ I’m done living life
with the lights out ♪ ♪ Die with my own doubts ♪ – That was ridiculous. – [Levi] All right. We found the hat. (both laughing) Yeah, pack is secured. – [Fin] Don’t pass it here. – [Levi] Yeah, I’m putting in my pocket. Pack is secured; on my way down. – [Fin] Hey, hey. – [Levi] He’s been through
a lot, but he’s still– – [Fin] Thanks. (upbeat music) ♪ Let’s be free ♪ – [Fin] You ready? ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ Not looking back ♪ ♪ Eyes on the freeway ♪ ♪ Bonnie and Clyde ♪ ♪ A classic cliche ♪ ♪ We’re on a run ♪ ♪ This is what we waited for ♪ ♪ Take my hand ♪ ♪ We’ll make it somehow ♪ ♪ We can’t miss out ♪ ♪ I’m done living life
with the lights out ♪ ♪ Die with my own doubts ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ ♪ With me ♪ ♪ Let’s go, let’s be free ♪ ♪ Be free ♪ – All right guys, this was
this week’s experiment. Something a little bit
different this week. We didn’t destroy something,
we created something. – Yup. – I don’t know how I feel about that, but. – I want to hear what you guys think. – [David] Yeah, absolutely. – After seeing all that test footage, all that like you know, kinda GoPro comparison with the Mavic. After seeing all those
tests, what’s the verdict? Like, do you think–
– What’s the verdict? Is the GoPro, does GoPro
have something to offer in the drone game?
– Yep. – Can it compete with the Mavic? – It’s hard to say because
DJI has such a monopoly on the market right now.
– Absolutely. – But, as we proved today, you don’t need a massive drone
in order to carry the GoPro. Like you don’t need a drone
the size of the Karma, and you don’t need a Gimbal either. You don’t need a Gimbal. – The fact that we are able
to get such good footage with our very improvised set up, like, makes you wonder, what would be possible with an actual manufactured GoPro drone?
– GoPro drone. – The GoPro HERO7 camera
is such a great camera. Hyper smooth is the real thing. – Some of the footage just of me running looks like it’s on a drone
because it’s so freaking stable. – If this technology was on the iPhone, that would be game changer. – I think it’s crazy to
because you can now get shots on a hypothetical GoPro drone that you couldn’t get on a Mavic. So like we went through, we did a bunch of different
tests as you can see, and, you know we started out, we didn’t really know if
the drone would even be able to carry the GoPro and
if the stabilization would be good enough warrant
not having that Gimbal. – I feel like the problem with the first footage we took is just that placing the camera
in the right angle. The footage itself, the quality of the image was good The composition is good, quality of the image is good, it was just a matter of like, getting the right angle.
– Exactly, yeah. – [David] Which I believe
we did the following day. – [Fin] Later on, yeah. Also the thing with the first day too, is it was a little overcast. It was kind of overcast the
whole time we were here. – [David] It was a low light test. – It wasn’t like optimal situations as far as video quality goes, but you can see in the other test the GoPro quality is amazing. Like the video quality. I don’t know what magic GoPro
does on their advertisements, but the GoPro footage they can
get with this is incredible. And you can even see some
of the footage we got just holding it with a stick
or just running around. And like, my brother had
some first person footage that we did; it was really cool. Also, you get 60 FPS slow-mo which was really cool. We did some tests with that, and overall there are just
some really cool things that you can do with this– – [David] That you
cannot do with the Mavic. – [Fin] We did show a bunch
of Mavic footage as well, though, we kind of did
a little comparison. And obviously we got a little
better footage with the Mavic because we could see what we were doing. – Honestly, the Mavic
footage will look better than our improvised GoPro drone footage simply because the Mavic was created, was engineered for those kind of shots, while ours was a little bit. But, however, if GoPro were to manufacture something like this where
it’s intended to work the way you would work a drone. – [Fin] If it was the
same size as the Mavic and have the same speed and
functionality or whatever. – Which is possible, which is possible. I feel like that’s what we proved. – We proved it worked out. – It’s possible to have a
little drone, super portable, with a GoPro HERO7. – And without a Gimbal and it carries it and runs completely fine. And yeah, you can get
some really cool shots. Like with the 60 FPS slow mo, and that sort of like first person angle, you can get shots that you
can’t get with a Gimbal. Because the Gimbal shots
are always perfectly steady. You can’t get those cool
angles and stuff like, It’s more of like an
action camera type take. – An action camera in the air. – Yeah, exactly, and, again, if you guys could purchase right now a DJI Mavic Air that came with a GoPro, it seems like a no brainer. If it was the same price
and you had a GoPro as well, it seems like you’re gaining so much more because you can do those
first person shots. – GoPro has definitely value to offer if they ever decided to
come back in the drone game. We know the troubles GoPro
has been having lately, so we don’t know if this is
something that’s gonna happen. We’re also not suggesting that this is something you should do at home. Because at the end of the day, if you already have a
Mavic and you have a GoPro, just use them as they are intended. This was a proof of concept. If these two were together
in a single bundle, that would be some awesome power. – That would be amazing. Imagine DJI and GoPro working together? Sadly right now, yeah, don’t go out and buy a
DJI Mavic, and a GoPro and put them together. It just doesn’t make sense. – No, you should totally go ahead. Buy a Mavic and a GoPro.
– Yeah, buy both of them. – Just , just use them you know how. – Separately, yeah you can
get some pretty good footage as we showed today. Well yeah anyway, that’s it basically for this episode of TechKaboom. Hit that bell, be notified of our new upload, and I guess we’ll see
you guys next Monday. See you then. – [Both] Peace. (upbeat music)