[Man] I’m here with Naima’s garden again and this is the chicken system. We’ve had a big storm. We had 42 millimeters of
rain on our rain gauge. Along here to show you the amount of growth since I last filmed the garden. Now there’s been a little bit
of wind damage on this end. But we’ve got this much growth
since we were last here. It’s only been a month
and this is the first rain and this is all organic. The boys are growing this. One young son for each garden bed. He’s got tomatoes coming on. Got nice corn there,
which is a heavy feeder. What do you think of that Estefan? It’s amazing growth, I
think there is very, very– It is amazing growth,
considering it’s on rock. Look at that corn cob coming
up, that’s quite a corn cob and it’s growing on solid rock. It’s all about feeding
organically in this case and they feed them with this stuff. Chicken tractor system on steroids is my nickname for this. Mulch from under the roost. It’s been manured on for a week. Equal amount of large animals manure which in this case will
be sheep and goat mostly. And then food scraps on top, making more than the cubic meter. Chickens dissemble it and
we put it back together. Every week, five weeks later. We got the fertilizer to get something like that up and rolling. I did notice they brought in
some pigeons and it looks like we’re going to build
a pigeon loft as well. Starting with that kind
of rock and there may be another garden up where
that rock is later. What do you think of that, Adam? Amazing. Three months, four months,
look at that growth. [Man] And then the fertilizer
sitting right there and it comes out all the time. It goes straight into the system then with all the excess produce that’s going straight
back into the chickens. -Yeah.
-Plus we’ve got eggs. Plus we’ve got some spare birds. You have the grapes
coming here on the side which eventually will be able
grow over the chicken coop and then in terms feed
the chickens as well. [Man] So what do you think of that, girls? -Yeah.
-[Man] Quite unusual? It’s wonderful. -It’s amazing.
-[Women] It’s impressive. Yeah, even the edges are
so amazing, abundant. [Man] What do you think about
that Louie on solid rock? -It’s amazing.
-Three months. It’s completely amazing. [Man] That’s the compost
chicken tractor for you. It’s hardly believable. The chickens are doing a -very good job–
-[Man] What do you recon? I can’t believe it, I mean
how long did this take? [Man] This is three months. Form solid rock. Three months? [Man] And the rock was this high. It was up to your shoulder. They chipped the rock away. Now you must say love. Everybody thinks your garden
is absolutely amazing. You should be really, really proud of it. Alright? You should be famous. A quick view from the garden. It’s this beautiful
little food forest here. Nice trimmed Ficuses on the end. Their eldest son has
shown us what they do. They clean the car park here,
they clean the parking area, they clean the sitting
area, they wash it off. The fine product that
was washed in the garden is actually watering this
little section of food forest. There’s a marriage party tonight. So there are a few chairs piled up ’cause there’s going to
be a few people here. Food scraps? They’re going to go to the chickens. Cleaning water? It’s going to go to the food forest. So we’re really talking moldy functions. So we’ve got herbs on the ground. Legumes all the way through it. Great production on the papayas. That’s a papaya anybody’d be proud of. Here’s a Moringa. We’ve got Pennisetum
soaking up the nutrients on the end here as well, which
can be a great carbon mulch. It’s Mohammed. Now you know the Mohammed’s are the ones who have done all this hard work and it’s a great testament
of what can be done. Fantastic stuff.