Brooks Belanger with Bellis Lawn & Gardens, and i want to
reiterate why you don’t want to use corrugated piping for you got your
downspouts and why you never want to tie in gutter downspouts into a French drain so this particular pipe was removed from
a landscape drainage job we did a couple weeks ago it was tied into the downspout
and we replaced it with solid PVC when we remove this thing wait like 20
30 pounds i’m going to show you why… (cutting) (cutting) What all this is – inside the solid corrugated pipe – this is all the asphalt that comes
off your shingles on your roof see how much is in here! And what happens is that
comes down off your roof into your gutters and because of these ridges in
corrugated pipe it starts to get caught and slowly will build up impede the flow
of water so once again don’t use corrugated pipe for your gutter downspouts I mean sometimes you can’t get around
using it that you should always try and use solid 4 inch PVC pipe thanks for watching don’t forget don’t forget to subscribe and talk to
you later guys