Monsoon has arrived and so has a downpour of hacks and giveaways. Participate in our hashtag ‘What’sYourHack’ Contest and stand a chance to become one of our 10 lucky winners. Twist your hair tight staying close to the scalp. Then pick up a tiny section to anchor the twist. Tie this up and move to the next one. I like 3 twists but you could create as many as you like. That’s our first hairstyle hack. Now, here’s some exciting news. Enter the hashtag ”What’sYourHack’ Contest by sharing your most effective trick to combat monsoon hair and stand a chance to win exclusive gift hampers from Sunsilk! Divide a section of hair from the crown down to the top of your ears. Then tie the section at the back into a ponytail. Now, braid it. Wrap the braid into a bun and secure it with U-pins. Create a side parting with the front section. Twist the section on the right side. For a firm and neat hairdo, twist along the direction in which the hair needs to sit. Wrap it around the bun and secure. Repeat the process with the section on the left. For that stunning shine all day long, use an amla based shampoo and conditioner that will enhance any hairstyle. Start off with a simple ponytail. Tie a rubber band slightly below your first one. Loop the rest of your hair through the section and pull. Repeat this on 2-3 sections to fake a fancy braid. Get thick and long hair to flaunt any hairstyle all year around with a keratin yogurt based shampoo like this one from Sunsilk. We hope you found the hacks helpful. If you haven’t already, participate in our hashtag ‘What’sYourHack’ Contest. We’re giving away 10 amazing gift hampers from Sunsilk. Simply share your wittiest trick to shield your hair this monsoon and we’ll make sure the best ones win! Until then, stay tuned and stay Glamrs!