Typhoon Prapiroon lashed Korea’s Jeju Island
and Gyeongsangnam-do coastline yesterday, but the typhoon has shifted course to the
east. Parts of the East Sea and Korea’s easternmost
islands of Dokdo and Ulleungdo are now under typhoon alerts with showers expected. Meanwhile, the rest of the country will have
a very humid and hot day under mostly sunny skies. But monsoon showers are in the forecast for
most parts of the country during the day. Have your umbrella handy. Temperature-wise, southern regions will also
notice a jump in temperatures, with highs ranging from 30 to 32 degrees Celsius, Seoul
and Gyeongju will get up to 31 degrees. With that, let’s take a look at the international
weather for viewers around the world. While most of South Korea will deal with humid
weather under mostly sunny skies, some parts of North Korea will see sporadic showers. Beijing will continue to see burning sunshine
and boiling hot temperatures. Over in Melbourne, winds of up to 100km per
hour will batter the city, the windy weather will continue until the end of the week. Those in Washington DC will have pleasant
weather conditions for Independence Day, but it will be hot. As for South America, Rio de Janeiro and Santiago
will both have a rainy Wednesday. Taking you to Europe,… excessive heat in
Rome is likely to last through Thursday. Lastly to Africa, the scorching heat wave
in Cairo shows no sign of easing up. That’s the weather update for now.