You paint me layer by layer You engrave on me everywhere It’s okay if I grow darker and darker The memories of us Little by little I grow darker My obvious love story It’s just a common breakup You may already know
But while you were gone It was so lonely
I only had a hard time Sure, I did it, the breakup
once in a while When I go out to the commotion,
the one knocking is a lingering attachment The food set on the table
A late meal alone, acting calm Lethargy, emptiness, loneliness Yeah The weather cloudy
Feeling down There’s no normal day at all,
Why is everything irritating? Why couldn’t I treat you better
when I was with you? Why are the sweet words
lingering in my mouth now? How many times
yeeyah yeeyah Do I just regret? Ah yeeyah Only those flowers are so beautiful Wind flower Wind flower Our overlapping, yet separated story Wind flower Wind flower Woo woo woo woo
Is it only a break up for us? Du du du du
Do only two of us feel pain? Like flower petals that will bloom again
(Like the petals, yeah) Get better day by day My hands were cold,
but no it’s already spring Dreamy breezes blow here and there It seems different from usual
I like this feeling Maybe tomorrow will be a different day The shadow of darkness
remains in the deep night The moon is rising Drawing out a light As much as I removed you from my body The tub water becomes the lingering feelings and overflows My sighs fill up that void When dawn comes to find me When I’m left alone Starry Night In this starlit night You blow over to me You and I The many nights we shared Leave me intoxicated In this starry night Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Starry Night Ya Ya Ya Ya Ya Starry Night (I don’t baby, I don’t stay) I’m ready to go on my way I have nothing to say, Go away What more is there to explain? Getting angry will only waste my time I will have my way too Bicho Malo Make some noise! I always go You You You You always go Me Me Me (Um Tiyaiya Tiyaiya) Becoming the center as you please You only think about yourself If that’s how it’ll be,
then just be with yourself (Um Tiyaiya Tiyaiya) You shouldn’t act however you want It’s no fun Just do you you you It’s now over Just do you you you Even if you regret it Just do you you you As you please, as you please Do whatever you you you want I’ll do whatever I want