– [Presenter] When widespread
power outages occur don’t worry, we’re here to
restore power quickly and safely. Here’s our process. Once the storm passes
and conditions are safe for our workers we send them out to assess the damage and create a restoration plan. Then we repair damage
to facilities such as: power plants, power
lines, and substations. Once those are operating we restore power to public safety customers. These include police stations, fire departments, 911 centers, hospitals, water and wastewater facilities,
and emergency shelters. After that we begin repairing damage that will restore power
to the greatest number of people in the least amount of time. Finally, we restore small
groups and individual customers. If there is damage to your
home’s electrical components like the weatherhead, meter can, or riser you may need to have it repaired by a qualified electrician
before we can restore your power. Please know that we won’t stop working until everyone has their power back on.