one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel, are you
having a hard time getting a wiring system in your car fixed, well today’s
your lucky day because I’m going to show you how to find wiring shorts in your
car, all you really need is a little eight dollar test light and I’m so cheap
when mine broke I splice the wire back together, if you think you’ve got a short
in your car’s electrical system first make sure the headlights are turned off
and no electrical accessories are turned on, then go to your battery loosen the
negative terminal and take it off, then get the test light take the alligator
clip and put it on the negative terminal of the battery, then take the pic end and
shove it into the negative terminal of the battery and if you notice the light
is now on, since the light came on that means electricity is flowing and there’s
a short somewhere in the system, but we don’t want to end up like curly
wondering where it is, so under the hood we go to the fuse box and take the cover
off, then pull the fuses out one at a time, with the fuse pulled out see if the
light has gone out, it hasn’t so we got to pull another fuse, keep pulling out
fuses until the light goes out, now the light’s gone out so that’s the circuit
that has the short in it, then you look on the top of the fuse box, this for the
cigarette lighter so let’s go inside the car, if you use your cigarette lighter
all the time to recharge your cell phone that can lead to problems in your
cigarette lighter where you plug it in these outlets weren’t made to be plugged
in and out thousands of times and eventually they break, which is what’s
happened here, okay so it’s called a power outlet today, but it’s the same
thing as a cigarette lighter it’s just on screws and you can buy a new base for
it, so if you’re having a hard time finding electrical shorts in your car,
I’ll find this thing or else, now you know how to find them, this is Scotty
Kilmer helping you crank it up and if you have any car care questions just go
to Scotty and I’ll answer them all free!