Hello I’m Patrick Childress. This is
video number two on Tacktick or Raymarine anemometers. In the first anemometer we took apart the lower
housing that attaches to the cups to get to the bearings. So we showed you how to get the bearings out, clean them up, lubricate them and reassemble everything.
Now we’re going to get to the batteries inside of this housing in case they ever
need replacing. This is the original tacktick wind instrument. In 2011 Raymarine bought out tacktick. We’ve never had any problems with our marine equipment.
Even though it dragged through the South Pacific Ocean for seven hundred miles
while we were dismasted and it actually gave us through the water speed that was
just as accurate as all of our other two through the water speed indicators.
So these are very durable. You just have to take care of the bearings occasionally,
lubricating them. But we’ll get to the batteries right now and to get to those
you make it easy for working on it we’ll take out the one screw that mounts this
mounting shaft and I’m gonna pry out the bearing housing. I’ll get that out of the
way make it easier to work on. OK it just snaps in place. Now before we take
this apart I’m going to mark with a magic marker where everything aligns
because there’s little cutouts here so you can pry it up with a screwdriver and
realign things with the ears upon reassembly and I’m going to mark on the
backside here where the mount is so I don’t flop things 180 degrees in reassembly. and now there’s four screws one two
three four sometimes you might have a sticky decal around covering these holes
so you’re going to have to feel around and poke into those holes to find out
where the screw holes are now these are number 16 Torx screw heads a Philips
head a hex head screw screwdriver nothing is going to work but a number
16 Torx so I’ve already loosened up all of those screws in here but I’m just
going to double check to make sure. Now the hard part is prying out this cover
plate so I’m going to get a very tiny flat head screwdriver and reach into
these little slots and just work on it so I’m sorry if I cover up what you
really want to see with my hands but I have to work in here on both of these
two slat holes and get this part disassembled. There we go it’s just
starting to move Okay finally. This is not easy to get
apart I had to pry with a very thin
screwdriver on the two ears and then finally pulling on the backside I was able to snap it out but of course any time you touch anything like this, you
void the warranty but our equipment is so long out of warranty it
doesn’t matter. Right here inside you can see the two solar panels. There’s one tab
a second and a third for lining the panels back on to their seat. It’s so
black I’m sure you can’t see it. I’ll bring this light in maybe that’ll help
some maybe see by my left there my right thumb there’s a hole there, there, and one
on the bottom so they line up with their respective projections. So we’ll fold the
solar panel down and we can just pop out these two batteries. It’s a battery
assembly. it’s not like in a flashlight or a camera or a watch these are all
soldered together and you buy them as a unit like this. and there’s a small
clip in a socket where it then slides in and it takes really two tiny screw
drivers to take it out There we go and this is the battery
assembly so it all goes in a one in one unit and you just align the plug into
the slot and push with a very small flat-head screwdriver, and it just pops right
in, fold the solar panels back down. You have to make sure all the wires are out
of the way underneath and get the projections lined up with the three
holes in this black plate, and then you can snap it back together, find all of
your little marks on the bottom one two and three okay Snap it back together and you put the
four screws back in and you’re ready to put it back on top the mast! After
putting everything else together hahaha. OK Thanks for watching!
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and we’ll see you next time as soon as I get this all back together!