in this video we’re gonna go over how to change the blade on a mini winter this blade tops out at a max of 15 watts and the rpms that you can usually see are anywhere from about 1,500 to 2,000 rpm at the the max and all you have to do to remove the blade is to just loosen these set screws usually you can just pull them off like this by hand put the blade back on is pretty much the same process you’ll notice on the side of the blade we have a very small arrow that arrow should always be pointing towards the wind we’re going to put the arrow of the blade pointing forward like this it’s also usually good practice to try and put the set screws on the flat spot of the shaft you don’t have to do this but it it makes the turbine a little bit more stable so all you do is you just slip the blade over the shaft and then you can tighten down the set screws now these many wind turbines always rotate counterclockwise so if you need to test it you can give the blade a quick little spin you can see the light turns off