Hi everyone. My name is Hoyt. I work here
at the U.S. Department of Energy. I help manage some of our research projects on wind energy
and that’s what we’re going to be doing today. We got a fun little project that takes a couple
minutes that can help educate you about wind and yea, so we’ll jump right into it. So in terms of materials, it’s pretty basic.
You’ve got this paper that you can print out at home, that can be downloaded from our website
at energy.gov. There’s just two pieces. There’s the tower, which holds up the blades for the
wind turbine. And so we’re going to have to cut both of these out and fold them up and
do a couple of other things and the only other materials that you need for this are a small
little eraser from a pencil or something, a little dress pin, and a little bead. And
you can use all sorts of different sizes for these, it really doesn’t matter. These are
just to hold the blades to the tower. So, we’ll get started. As we cut this out, one thing, I think…
I’m not sure everybody is aware but wind turbines in the real world are actually getting larger
and larger. They are getting taller and you might have seen some wind turbines in your
state, in your neighborhood, in your county somewhere, and they are pretty big. But these
are small little wind turbines we’re cutting out today so these are not necessarily to
scale but, yea, wind is pretty cool. We’re excited about wind at the Department of Energy.
You know, there’s more and more of it that’s getting built everywhere and, you know, as I think most people
would agree, clean energy is a good thing. Alright, so we finally got our wind turbine
pieces cut out here. So this is an optional step. If you want to you can color either
your blade or your tower or both. Towers are usually white when you see them out in the
real world but we can make them any color we want so I’m going to make my wind turbine
blades a little bit green because wind is clean, green energy. Ok, so now that we have our wind turbine colored
the way we want it to, we’re actually going to start to put this thing together. So this
is maybe the trickiest step in building your turbine. You are going to notice in the back
here with all the lines that we used to cut this out, there’s some longer, darker, thicker
lines as opposed to some of the short dotted lines in here. And what we have to do is just
bend the paper here and cut these so that these little slots on the other side can eventually
fit in to them as we bend our wind turbine around our tower. So really all it takes is
just a little snip up the line right here and we’re done. Yep. So you got a little hole
just like that and you just got to repeat that twice. Ok, so we’re on to the next step. We got our
little slots cut out, now we just have to start folding this guy up. So along all of
these little small dotted lines, you just have to fold this. And what’s going to happen
is you’re going to see your tower will start wrapping around on itself
and by the time you get to the last fold here,
you should be able to fit these slots into each other. Alright, so we got our turbine blades and
tower all colored. We got them put together. Now we’re at the last step. We got to get
the blade on to the tower. This is definitely the hardest part for the people in the real
world but for us, hopefully it’s going to be very easy. So, before I start doing that,
the one thing you’re going to notice is that on the back of your wind blades here, this
is an optional step, you don’t have to do this, but it will allow your blades to spin
hopefully when the wind is blowing or you’re blowing on it. Basically, you just need to
take these dotted lines in the back of the blade and just bend them a little bit. You
don’t have to fold them on itself, you just have to create a little bit of an edge here
on these three blades. Just bend it up along that a little bit, and then you’re all set
to go. So basically, you got your tiny piece numeral
uno, the pin. The pin goes through the blades, right in the middle. Tiny piece number two.
You got your little bead and that goes, if you can line it up, that goes right on the
back of your pin there. Step number three, you got your tower. Just plugs right in there,
and then to hold it all together. We got our eraser and then you just need to be very careful
in putting this through the eraser so that you don’t poke your finger but with any luck
now everything’s together and your wind turbine spins. So now we got our little wind turbine, you
can make one of these, you can make a lot of these, you can give them to your friends,
you can give them to your parents and if you want to learn more about these, more about
wind turbines in general you can find all sorts of information on energy.gov and just
have a great time with it. Thanks.