When it starts to heat up outside and you
need a quick way to cool off, you can hack yourself a mini air conditioner by filling
a container with ice-cubes, and simply blowing on them. The air blasting back at your face
will be cool and refreshing. But in this project we’re gonna take the idea one step further, by turning a few household items, into an icy air blaster. To start this project, I picked up one of these necklace fans from a local super center. These are the kind that just hang around your neck and blow air up into your face. But on
a hot day, the air’s usually pretty warm. So make an “Icy” air blaster let’s start by cutting the
lanyard on both sides where it meets the casing. These won’t be of any use to us, and while
we’re at it, let’s hit it with a few shots of spray paint to turn the whole thing black.
That’s just going to make it look a whole lot cooler. Now we’ll need to remove the tops
from a couple of drink cans, and an old school can opener is my tool of choice. You can see
that with some gentle pressure, and a bit of patience, the top will come right off,
leaving us a nice clean edge to work with. I cut 2 inches off one of the cans using a
pair of scissors, and got this straight edge by making the cut counter-clockwise. At this
point we’re ready to add a bit of epoxy or hot glue, around the circumference of the
intake hole on the fan. Now, before any glue drips down inside, let’s go ahead and press
the top of the can into place, holding it there until the glue hardens. The mouth of
the can is just big enough that it doesn’t block the fan, but still mounts with an air-tight
seal to the casing. Now the next thing we’re gonna need is a template for punching holes in the other can. I made this one, and
you can have it for free by following the link in the description. It’s made especially
for 16oz cans, and after you’ve cut out the rectangle, simply wrap it around the can,
and fasten the two end tabs together with some tape or a stick of glue. Stand the can
upright, pushing the template to the bottom, then find something that will poke holes through
aluminum, like a pair of scissors or a metal file. When all the holes are punched, simply
remove the template, and your perforated can should look something like this. Now when
you’re ready for some cool air, just fill the can with ice cubes, and gently press the
other piece overtop, until it fits on nice and snug. All it takes now is a flick of a
switch, and you’re blasting out a steady stream of ice cube conditioned air, which will hopefully
buy you a little relief on a hot summers day. The chilling happens when the fan sucks air
in through the intake ports, up around the ice cubes, and directs it back at your face.
Now if you wanna go one step further, try pushing a straw through one of the holes at
the bottom, then glue it along one side of the can. This way, when your ice cubes begin
to melt, you’ll have a refreshing drink of ice water to cool you down as well. Well now
you know how to turn left over drink cans into mini air conditioners. And while they’re
more for a laugh than for anything practical, the air they blast out really is, nice and
icy. Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of
my others. Check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com