The Western Cape region of South Africa is
currently experiencing a severe drought, causing people everywhere to be installing rain water
tanks. Something which is not so easy to determine,
is the exact water level of a tank. Knocking the tank or feeling where it gets
colder are not very reliable methods. This video shows a simple visual system which
can be made and installed in about 20 minutes. The principle utilises a floatation device
inside the tank connected to a weight, acting as an indicator, on the outside. To prevent the weight from being blow around
in the wind, it will have to be stabilised and guided along an optional scale along its
path of travel. The tank’s water level can thus be determined
at a glance. This timelapse shows me busy straightening
a desired length of wire, which will become such a guide. In this video, two 1000 litre slimline tanks
from two different manufacturers are each fitted with such water level indicator. Sorry for the sound track, I suffered badly from hay fever at
the time.