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today’s lesson I’m going to show you how to play this classic finger picking tune
dust in the wind by Kansas this is a great song to learn if you’re just
getting into finger style guitar I’m going to show you how to play the whole
song so if you’re looking to learn the entire song you’ve come to the right
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we’re gonna learn the intro we’re gonna start out on a C chord and
we’re gonna move through a bunch of variations of a C so we’ll start out on
the a string from the a string down we’re gonna play the 3rd fret the 2nd
fret open 1st fret and open that’s our C or in there the finger picking pattern
for this song is actually just 2 beats long it’s a two beat pattern that
repeats and you can play it through the entire song let’s check it out so the
pattern sounds like this we’re gonna start out by pinching the a
and the B strings I like to use just three fingers with my
finger picking hands so we’re gonna use our thumb or index in our middle we’ll
take our thumb we’ll put that on the a string and the middle on the B string
just pinch those two together then bring your thumb down and go thumb on the D
string and then index on the cheese string so that’s the first part 1e and
and then where to go to me and them which is basically the same exact thing
but instead of playing a pinch we’re gonna break up the notes and go thumb
middle thumb index on strings maybe D G that’s it that’s the pattern so if we
count in sixteenth notes it’s a two beat pattern one E and two E and the first
beat is an eighth note and then two sixteenths and then four sixteenth notes
just try that with me on a seat one E and two E and uh one E and two E
and make sure you’re doing that right and you’re using the fingers that I
mentioned and that you’re consistent with it so you don’t want to mix up your
fingers you want to just stick to one way of playing it then what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
apply this to our progression our progression is gonna go C to C major
seven so we’ll just take off our first finger of the C chord then C ad nine
we’ll add our pinky on the third fret of the B string and then back to C that’s
the first two bars so one-e-and-a two-e-and-a three-e-and-a four-e-and-a
at the pinkie then C then we’re gonna go to a minor but it’s
gonna be here’s your typical a minor shape but we’re gonna leave the B string
open and then we’re gonna go to adding our
pinky on the third fret of the B string then to normal a minor and then open
again so again we’re just playing C and a minor but we’re editing it by playing
either open or first fret on the B string or third fret so the first four
bars are C C major seven at the pinkie c @ 9c then go to a minor with the open
string add the pinkie first finger open then we’re gonna go to
see with the pinkie on C at 9 to see C major 7 C at nine a minor then open then
at the pinkie then a minor and then we’re gonna have a little pinch walk up so we’re gonna be playing
the a minor we’ll go to G over B just second fret of the a string and third
fret on the B string I’ll use my second finger and pinky that’s G over D and
that goes to C for the verse and that’s when the melody comes in you know so
let’s try this intro part together if you get this down it’s definitely the
most recognizable part of the song I think here we go one two and three E and
four E and C see a miner with the open string
got the pinky a minor open sea at the pinky see and the pinkie a minor open
the pinky a minor now what I did on the last transition
there you go from a minor and you just do the first part of the pattern you go
pinch thumb index and then you do it another pinch and then a pinch on G over
B and I’m pinching basically the a and the B strings and then you start the
verse the verse sounds like this again we’re keeping that same finger
picking pattern going through all the cords we’re just gonna have to little
edits here we’re gonna start out on a C chord then go to G over B
now here’s where one of the edits is is you hear this so what that is is just
for the first pinch on that a minor chord you’re going to play the high E
and the a string but the rest of the pattern stays the same so one E and two
E and so it’s like I and we got achieve
now this G I’m playing with my third finger on the low E and my fourth finger
on the third fret of the high E so it’s just a two finger G chord then d minor
seven for this chord we’ll play from the D string down open D 2nd finger on the
2nd fret of the g string and 1st finger does a little bar covering the B and the
e strings on the 1st fret now here’s the other end of that we’re going to do here
we’re gonna move the whole pattern down one string so instead of like here’s what we did on
see now D minor seven is like this and we go to a minor and then when you loop back around so
you’re gonna play the verse progression twice when you loop back around you go
home do that pinch again so here’s the whole verse now we’re gonna go to the chorus the
chorus sounds like this so we’ve got a couple new courts here
we’re gonna go D over F sharp for the first chord and that’s gonna be I play
it with my thumb you can put your thumb on the second fret of the low E string
and then first finger on the second fret of the g string third finger on the
third fret of the B string we’re gonna go D then to G I’ll keep my
third finger there and just put my second finger down on the third fret of
the low E so it’s then we go a minor and we’re gonna take our third finger
off of the a minor chord and put it on the third fret of the low E this is a
minor 7 over G then we repeat everything again so P / F
sharp G a minor this time we just stay on on the
a minor chord so the chorus altogether D G a minor then to your f-sharp G a minor now if
we’re going back to the first we’re gonna go and do the walk up again but
the second time that we play the chorus the second chorus we’re gonna go to t /
f-sharp G and then we start this really cool progression for the bridge that
sounds like this we’re gonna do this progression three
times I’ll show you the chords first so it’s a minor nine to a g5 over a or GG
over a and then this is f over a and then f6
over a to F over a so these chord shapes are open seven five open open those
you’re a minor nine then you just switch these fingers so the first finger comes
up one string the third finger goes down one string that’s the second chord C
over a then we’re gonna bring our whole chord
down two frets for the F over a and I like to use my pinkie when I do that
switch so see that and then drop it down then add your second finger on the third
fret of the b-string for two beats and then let it out
so that’s gonna go three times it sounds like this it is again one more time same finger-picking pattern after the third time we go back to the
beginning of the song and go back to the intro then we go back and we play it’s
basically the violin keeps soloing through that then we do another verse
another chorus at the end of that final chorus you get to the a minor chord and
you just cycle around a minor and then a minor with the open string a minor on
the third fret so the whole song fades out like this just rotating those cords around all right you guys I know this was a
longer lesson but there’s a lot in there so if you made it to the end of this
lesson thank you so much and keep working take your time with it these
finger picking patterns take time to get used to and you may have learned some
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