Hey Eddie. Oh… Oh no. *make out noises* Oh! It’s you! Of course it’s me! Who did you think it was? I dont’ know… Venom with like… you know. EWWWW! What!? RraaaaaaGhhhhh! Bring me more homeless people to test on! Hello! Police? My boss is kidnapping innocent people and killing them with experiments… Can you maybe… put a stop to it? I was gonna go to a dead beat reporter… But then I thought you guys can do it! You don’t understand! I’m a scientist! That makes it ok for me to kill people in a lab! I’m not a bad person! Alright! You saved the day! Oh thanks! I’m not a super hero though. I was just doing what I thought was right. Which is exactly what a hero does! Hey… I’m Batman. You wanna know my secret identity? OH! um…. yeah! actually. Oh my gosh! I don’t know what to do next! I.. it’s Bruce Wayne I mean I’m BATMAN! Let me drive! oh my gosh! I don’t get it! Why aren’t these drones working?! Here’s a bright idea… Why don’t we stop making drones who’s only weapon is to slam into things But instead use drones that have missiles or lasers or even tasers! Oh my gosh! We’re so stupid. you’re not gonna get away with this. Take him out into the woods and eliminate him. Why don’t we just do it right here? It’s not like he’s the first person we’ve ever had to clean up inside. Oh right! Yeah sure. Just do that. *Bang Bang Bang* AAAAAAGH! I’ve been impaled. (RAWR) Hmmmm. This is dead. So… you’re a girl now? Yeah… I left the Brock body because it died… and went back to the girlfriend cause she was close by. *screams* Oh! So Riot just escaped then? He took off in the shuttle, yeah. What if he returns with a symbiote army? Even if Drake doesn’t starve to death all alone out in space… We can just light him on fire when they get here. Alright fellow Symbiotes, prepare to attack! Hey there! Huh? Watch the birdie. *screams* So yeah… Not worried. now I will just sit here six months before looking for the lab. Oh NONONONO! We are not staying here! We are leaving tonight! Oh… OKAY. *screams*
I will save you my brothers! Holy crap! What is that thing?! It’s like Spider-Man and Hulk had a baby! Have no fear! Riot is here! It’s… Beautiful! Are you insane!? *stabbed* So we took over the lab and now we’re on a quest for World Domination! Excellent! Well most of us are on a quest. That one keeps having feelings for the human scenery. The lights are so beautiful! Oh my gosh! You’re such a loser. *gasp* Apologize! wow! This is actually very good! I know! Right?