in movies the snow, the frost, the solitude of a white expanse a winter glacial landscape are often used as a metaphor of the solitude of the heart of the desolation of the soul even Italian movies tried to do it even recently with The Girl in the Fog or even with The Children of the Night but without getting the results that should be they were always a little bit ‘didactics’ that is this metaphor worked only as a frame it did not enter the emotions of the characters’ soul it did not really enter the audience’s heart how a character said in Fargo the famous film by Coen brothers which takes place precisely in an icy expanse in a winter landscape “many surprising things can happen into nothing” “in white nothing” I would dare to say instead in the movie I’m talking about today titled Wind River by Taylor Sheridan this chill, this desolation of the heart surfaces completely it emerges convincingly like a cold grip that really holds your soul Taylor Sheridan is primarily an actor someone will probably remember him in Texas Ranger of Chuck Norris then he became a screenwriter wrote the screenplay of Sicario played by Guillermo del Toro, who was very successful the movie was in Cannes and took many prizes and also had Oscar and Golden Globe nominations he subsequently wrote another movie called Hell or High Water and this is also a movie that has been successful and that was in Cannes too finally he wrote this third movie he defines this three films a trilogy of the border that is a new way to get to a modern western a contemporary western the deserted spaces, the solitudes of US that are solitudes of the heart as I said before both with frost and without frost that is they are extreme places in the world where feelings are extreme where things that happen are extreme the intelligence of this author is to place in such extreme places not just exasperation of feelings but to put inside an action, a thriller an emotional force that sets the story in motion and gets to each cadence and to each sequence suspense and thriller to make you follow the story with emotion and attention in this film, above all, there is the solitude of the protagonist a protagonist who is not a detective but a hunter and this is a very important distinction because while the detective delivers the guilty to justice the hunter eliminates the guilty the hunter shoots the predator and eliminates it I don’t want to talk about this film, about the story but the important thing is the contrast within the story between loneliness and the need for love between desolation and the search for tenderness between the loss of feelings and the desperate need to have them in this wrapped frame, as I repeat, in the cold of this distant US region everything takes place and the memory that I still carry with me is that despite the cold and the frost the warmth of the heart can truly dissolve everything and give light and love to the story thank you