Directly from Milano, our
Alessandro Angioletti on keyboards Alfredo Petroli on drums Alessia Aquilani on voice Attention because this ace
is already all around Brazil Singing, dancing From now on, international
attraction here at Domingão Here comes, Ice MC Singing here An english, a bunch of
italians, see what happens Ice MC, here at Domingão Ice MC, here at Domingão These aces, see what happens An english and three italians here look The Ice MC, Alessia Aquilani, Alfredo
Petroli and Alessandro Angioletti Tutti buona gente, grande So, these aces here will be On the 15th now, at Metropolitan
here in Rio On the 17th, Belém do Pará On the 18th, Manaus On the 19th, Macapá To contract this super
international show (021) 255-5275, 255-5275 And attention guys, we have more,
Ice MC here at Domingão It’s the new sucess Look at the people’s joy The people from Nilópolis,
Ubá, Volta Redonda Nova Iguaçu For you to dance at home,
in hospital, in hospice In jail, wherever you are
Ice MC, here Great boy, this is the hot Ice From wednesday at 10 pm
at Metropolitan Ice MC With this super band Alessia Aquilani, Alfredo
Petroli, Alessandro Angioletti At Metropolitan, on the 15th Super people, wonder