Rinku’s Daddy! It’s pouring outside.
Carry an umbrella. Crazy woman! Crazy men! I don’t want to stay with you! I’d rather die than be with you! We’ve been married for ten years
and you can’t even get me a decent vest! I can’t tell if it’s a vest or a blouse. I’ll let go! I’m going to fall down and die!
You asshole! Die! Die right now! Why don’t you?
I won’t die! There! I won’t! I won’t die! You go die! Die! Die! You die!
Die, you ass! Get away from me! You Dirty Woman! Shut up! You get away from me! Sign here if you want a divorce. Take it! Are you mad? Who’d divorce such a beautiful lady? I can’t bear to see my parents separate. Mum! Mum, it’s raining! Madam… A steaming cup of tea sounds great right now. Please! Madam… Some hot fries would be great right now. Please! Madam… A duet with you in this rain would be pretty great. Pleeeease!