Hi guys. What’s up? I’m Rowan from Rowan’s Roadtrips. I’m starting this rainy day activities for kids series and I would like to get to it now. Yep, with you guys. I’m here at Defy in Tukwila, Washington. I’m in Tukwila, Washington. And this looks very fun. And I’m pretty excited to get to this, so, let’s go. Can we go play now? YES! These are pretty cool socks. And plus I got to pick them out. Oh these feel really weird. Sticky but cool. Come on, let’s go. Ok. Let’s do that again. Gravity’s against me. I got stuck in here. You’re trying to land it perfectly but you accidentally go bump. Now this is pretty high. This is even higher. So that was a pretty cool jump. I’m exhausted. Let’s go check out what’s next. Help! I’m not joking. Help me! Help! I just rented a ball. Like this? And then you walk Got it? This is really hard. Ok, you want to roll it over there? Ya, sure. Thank you. You’re welcome. This thing is so huge. It’s weird. I feel like I’m trapped in this thing. Stop! Stop! More! More! This was a pretty cool place, I gotta admit. You should bring your kids down here on a rainy day. Thanks. See you next time! Subscribe to Rowan’s Roadtrips!