Today we’re looking at a submerged electric
turbine pump and you can see there by the debris how high the water has got. Some of the areas we will look at with the
pump today will be: The switch gear or control gear
The motor itself And the pump discharge
Also the borehole assembly This is a hollow shaft electric motor and
most hollow shaft electric motors are important to have air through them to cool them. The shaft goes up from the pump through the
centre of that motor and we’ve got a vent here and a vent at the top so it is important
to, one, make sure there is no debris closing those off, but in the case where it has been
completely submerged it is a good idea to remove the hollow shaft motor and have it
looked at by an electrician. The electrical people will pull the motor apart and dry out
all the bearings and wiring. The procedure to pull the motor off is that
at the top there under the hood there’s a adjustment nut with a locking screw. It
is important to note where that locking nut is, and where the locking screw is, when you
need to reassemble the unit. So it is just a matter of undoing that nut, and the shaft
will drop down slightly and you use the lifting lugs on the motor to lift that motor off the
shaft. To lift the motor you need something that
has a straight pull. A loader is very cumbersome to do something like that because as it lifts
higher it pulls in closer to the tractor which could bend the shaft.