Previously on Lifetime Travelmates. So we started with the capital of Goa, Panjim. And we are gonna explore Goa and
all its Portuguese influence. So good. Cheers. This was amazing! We are arriving at the diver island. Diver, No! DIVAR. Divar. Diver~ Diver~~~ (in your face) Let’s see what’s in the festival. Bonderam festival. It’s called Goa’s best monsoon season
festival. We should get out. One of the reasons we extended
our stay in Panjim was to visit Divar Island
for the Bonderam festival. The word “Bonderam” came
from the Portuguese word, “Bandeira” which means flag. When Goa was
under the control of Portuguese, villagers in Divar village
argued very often between two sections of the Divar village. To stop the conflict, the Portuguese
put up flags at the boundaries. The villagers did not like this system. So they protested
against the Portuguese by throwing stones
at the flags. Today, people celebrate
Bonderam festival remembering the past.