It’s fun we are at Disneyland in the pouring rain if you want to see how that looks there is so much rain today that even here is pouring down there is small problem, the plumber needs to pay a visit with Jordi in the rain yes I rather had the sun Jordi is ready that was Big Thunder Mountain you heared in the pouring rain it’s not fun to ride that in the rain I have done it once and a rollercoaster in the rain is no fun it’s feels like hail in your face that’s how it looks on a sunday in the pouring rain it was pouring rain, you can see that on our umbrella drip, drip, drip where are we in Fantasyland a special shop where you can buy pasta in the shape of Disney characters and Disney castle look very nice to make that pasta for your kids or for the big kids 🙂 I want Disney pasta me too or Princess pasta good idea what can you see the castle lot’s of Princesses it’s hard to see now but you will recognize them that’s for the die hard fans they have this also you know what this is, I made the castle cake with a similar thing indeed or a Mickey Mouse cake and cookies with m&m it’s m&m because it’s chocolate or Mickey Cookies with chocolate what do we have here a dispenser if you eat to much of this, you have a stomache problem ow, I am messing things up here Jordi is making a mess as usual 🙂 If you look inside, there are siome smarties inside you pay for the Mickey that’s something to put on your desk at home I am hungry and then you buy that for the big fans meringue what do we have here a special Disney mug the old version very nice the old version we know this already this too the 25th anniversary popcorn they worked 25 years on this we have these also this is something I would buy I don’t know why what I will do with this, I don’t know we know this also we have that in our merchandise video and these cookies too you can fing these in Epcot at wdw these are also good not that expensive