a u.s. man has been jailed for
the crime of installing a wind turbine on his own property in Orono Minnesota
what’s up everybody truth seeker here. Does it just get any
crazier when it comes to stupid things like this like the cities’ look like
mafias when it comes to things like this it just makes no sense when i first seen
the title of this article i was expecting it to be like a giant wind
farm kind of windmill or something you know that this guy had installed and
instead it’s actually these little tiny ones quits I don’t understand exactly
why the city would complain about that other than because obviously they’re not
making enough money off their power so this is their way of enforcing that I
guess but it says when Jane nay guard decided to add a two-story wind turbine
into his home he thought that by going to the legal route and informed in the
city of his plans he was doing the right thing health-nut News reports however
the city denied his request to harvest the wind and create his own energy so
Jay decided it was time to fight for not only his rights but the rights of his
fellow Minnesotans I’ll go ahead and play this video here for you real quick
between one family and the City of Orono and they say it’s a zoning violation
neighbors consider it a nuisance now one person has been sent to jail all over a
wind turbine mind you Fox nine jack-high murder spoke to the family at the center
of all of this he joins us now why wind turbine causing so much trouble
here you know Tim I guess it’s a matter of personal preference if you kind of
want to get into what’s causing all of this now personal preference property
rights have all been part of this very long debate but the courts decided the
turbine had to go and the Nygaard family thought they pretty much complied but as
it turns out this long drawn-out battle wasn’t over I am NOT going to jail over
this it is not worth it on the banks of Lake Minnetonka a wind revolution is
gasping for air nobody should have to go through this just to prove that we all
have the right to harvest the wind Kendyl Nygaard you could say is the last
woman standing to the right of where she’s sitting is all that’s left of a
30-foot wind turbine right there go on at issue we first caught up with her
husband Jay Nygaard in the now-infamous turbine back in 2014 at the time he was
in the midst of litigation the city of ornot suing and a judge later ordering
the turbine taken down but through it all Nygard refused to give in setting
up this question from Tom Lydon are you ready to go to jail for this I’m
ready to go to jail for everybody in Minnesota’s rights and ready or not
that’s exactly what happened just so our viewers can understand where are you
right now on Friday a Hennepin County judge held Nygaard in contempt of court
sentenced to six months in jail I keep saying to myself and my friends and
family that we’ve been talking about it how can this be happy in America that
someone’s incarcerated for basically half to two-thirds of a concrete footing
remaining and it’s not ever going up again the Nygard say their turbine is
down for good but by court order they’re also supposed to remove the foundation
something they say threatened to damage their home but after years of
back-and-forth the courts was short on sympathy and he’ll stay there until it’s
removed at all tasks Kendal hopes to have done by early next week
putting this Windy nightmare to rest at least for now
and you may have noticed there they have other small wind turbines so far the
city has let those slide in definitely some crazy stuff right there says the US
federal government as well as many states and city governments have been
cracking down on individual property rights and sustainable living for some
time thanks to their incredibly misguided
efforts it’s now illegal in parts of the u.s. to have a garden in your front lawn
collect rainwater on your own property or live off the grid you can even be
arrested on your own property for protesting the installation of a
pipeline that you never consented to this troublesome trend is taking place
in part because the government in the system in general wished to prevent
significant portions of the population from being independent empowered and
self-sufficient Nygard would eventually go to jail for his beliefs jail well he
did eventually remove the not especially loud or ugly turbine although some of
his neighbors did complain it still wasn’t good enough for the city who
demanded that the turbines cement base also be removed despite the fact that
the three engineers said that the removal of the base would cause
structural damage to gnaw guards home the city continued to demand its removal
why did the city now permit the turbine was it because it allowed him to make
his own energy and relied less on and pay less to the state what is happening
in this country when a man can’t provide for his family on his own property when
will our government be satisfied with their destruction of our land and
environment I hope it soon because we are close to the point of no return
and I want to represent agree with that I mean this makes no sense
evolution is supposed to happen and it makes no sense that we have these local
governments in place that is stopping evolution we were supposed to be way
past this already everybody should be able to provide their own power at this
time I mean it’s 2017 that’s supposed to be the future and it makes no sense and
the reason why it makes no sense is because of these local government issues
well there soon you’re just trying to take every single dollar that you make
how can anybody enjoy living in their town or state if the place where they’re
living is what’s robbing the to begin with why would anybody want to
stay there it just it’s backwards it makes no sense I think states need to
focus on ways of drawing people in instead of making people want to leave
it just I don’t know but never leave your thoughts in the comments below and
what you think about this and thanks for watching everybody
don’t text all right here’s a question for you should water be considered
public property well what if we’re talking about rainwater that you’re
collecting on your own property an Oregon man was sentenced to 30 days in
jail for collecting rainwater on his personal property well according to a
decades-old law that’s the government’s water and he broke the law joining us
right now to share his story is Gary Branson and a legal adviser pal
constitutional researcher Dominic nada they both joined us today from Portland
Oregon good morning to you guys good morning
so Gary the state of Oregon says you are a water thief right yes isn’t that
terrible boy and we’ve had these ponds for 37 years and they were designed and
built for the purpose of water of fire protection and they’ve been used for
fire protection four or five different times by three different agencies and to
protect Tom’s protective property but yet now they want to drain them their
main jail Domenic why well they’re it’s an overreach of the law they they’re
saying that the diffused water that runs across the property can’t be collected
by Gary for the use of this and that’s totally outside of the definition of the
law itself and anytime there’s a law that that has overreached like this it’s
up to the jury actually to decide the law and the fact and that’s the what’s
what’s happened here is actually an action that’s breaking his civil rights
because the jury was disallowed from hearing this the very fact that would
stop his case from finding guilty and from finding him guilty they were denied
to hear it well it just seems so crazy and we’re looking at some video of
firefighters taking some of the water out of your pond to use on an adjacent
property owners fire well it all comes down to Gary they say that there’s a
1925 law there in Oregon the game gives the Water Commission all the rights to
the water and apparently that includes water that
is naturally flowing to your property or occurring on your property right well
that’s not true that’s not true that’s where the misapplication is yeah that’s
tributaries yes it says tributaries it doesn’t say
anything about rainwater it’s the snowmelt eludes the others
because it defines what is a tributary but guys what I’m trying to get at is
why do they want to drain the pond for what benefit we’re in the prime season
of fire season I mean look at Colorado everywhere else it’s burning right now
and they want to put it in harm’s way and they’re gonna charge $100,000 fine
up two hundred thousand dollars if the fire goes off his property I know
another person’s property how is that justice so it seems big government
getting greedy yeah no this is clearly this is clearly a Miss applying of a law
that’s why the jury has the right to strike a law down in this case if a law
is inappropriate in a given case the jury has the right to do this and the
jury doesn’t know this and when they’re precluded from hearing this from from
understanding this how can they be a fair jury yeah how can they be a fair
trial for me so Gary are you gonna report to jail oh if I have to yes and
I’ll pay the fine but boy I am just gonna fight like crazy to to keep the
water in the ponds no the only thing he did wrong the only thing this guy did
wrong was stand up for what’s right sure I mean he’s guilty for standing up for
what’s right what’s next a greater time and Gary’s property and you open your
mouth and catch a snowflake and the state’s gonna say you’re the containment
and that’s their water or they can start regulating our air that we breathe like
solar panels and sunlight it’s well it seems like a crazy story and we’re sorry
that you’re going through this Gary maybe we’ll look pay you a visit in the
slammer hopefully you won’t be there too long what we need is to get on with
Gretchen or Riley or one of the other Cheyenne at Glenn Beck this exposes like
that let’s let the jury of the American people see what the law and the fact is
here and see if they think it’s an overreach of the government it clearly
is well you’ve appeared on the number one
cable news show in the world so let’s see if we can flex you guys all the time
all right love you Gary Thank You Nick we thank you both for joining us so
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