Hey! Don’t forget to bring your umbrella! Oh Yeah! Uh Actually it’s fine lah I don’t think it’s going to rain anyway (sassy confidence) Bye! *mum is sad* OH SH- *bleeP* dats a bad word, kids *casually walks to her doom* oOpsiE *instant regret* Why did it have to rain today of all days? *shivers* oh my gOsh Melody- what hAPpEnEd to yOU? I got dREnChEd in the rain I didn’t know it was going to rain today So you didn’t bring an umbrella? (ya duh that’s why she’s drenched-what a stupid question) nOpe. Well, I think I have an idea (push in your chair!) *erases algebra* (cuz nu why algebra) *drawing weather station* *still drawing* (mmpffhhh noice art) (ok so it sends a msg to your phone) (you see the SMS) (umbrella-mUsT rEmEmBEr uMbReLlA) (happy cuz you’re dry and look amazing) hm Sounds reasonable oK Let’s get started then! In this project we will be setting up a weather station that will be controlled by microcontrollers. The first microcontroller collects data from the weather meter and weather shield. Based on the data collected, such as wind speed humidity temperature and pressure, the probability of rain will be calculated. This probability will then be sent to another microcontroller which will send an SMS to students via a GSM module warning them about possible wet weather. (ooh! a message!) (oh its just the weather station)>75% chance of rain. Students please prepare for wet weather. mUsT rEmEmBEr uMbReLlA yey! byEEEE