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Shadow Legends Hey guys Riley here, don’t panic I’m not
replacing James I’m just filling in for him while he’s away working on a
top-secret project. So you remember the Jet Engine vs Face video and the Jet
Engine vs Captain America video well we thought that we should keep it going
with the Make It Break series and this week we’re gonna find out what happens
when you use a jet engine on a metal Iron Man helmet. The metal helmet was the
base for our Iron Man heads-up display project so let’s see if it can stand up
to 700 degree jet exhaust moving at 700kmh before we tests on the metal one we’re gonna compare it to some other things to really demonstrate
the destruction. Let’s get started all Alright so we’ve got a package here from
Affinia 3D and it’s a new 3d printer that they sent to us. We’re gonna unbox
it now and then we’re gonna print an Iron Man helmet let’s get an Iron Man helmet I want the wearable one And it fits within our printer print alright so the Iron Man
helmet is started and we just moved it over to this table so that it doesn’t
get knocked while it’s printing and so that should be done tomorrow cut to tomorrow Jarvis: Working on a secret project are we air? I have indeed been uploaded sir we’re online and ready Alright so we’re good to go
with the plastic Iron Man helmet so we’re gonna put some expanding foam on
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and a free epic champion to start your journey Good luck and I’ll see you there Jet engine ready to go So in all the videos
where we’ve used jet engine you’ve seen the destruction but it’s hard to
visualize the sheer amount of air that the jet moves. It’s moving the air at
seven hundred kilometres an hour out of the exhaust we’ve tried to demonstrate
this with water but as you can see the water can’t even make it to the center
of the flow, so this time we’re gonna inject fog juice into the exhaust to
show you all how much the air is moving Our hope is that we will be able to
create a wind tunnel like effect so that we can see the airflow around an object
as it melts. To feed the fog juice we’re gonna be taking advantage of the venturi
effect, there will be a vacuum at the end of the pipe that siphons the fog juice
up the pipe and injects it into the jet stream let’s test it out Stage one Stage two Before we get started did you guys know
that we have an Instagram page where we post all kinds of cool stuff like
behind-the-scenes pictures and videos from our trip to Atlanta to visit
Gravity Industries or this amazing ferrofluid experiment. See it all at thehacksmith on Instagram Alright so we tested the fog juice and it works gives
us a great demonstration of the airflow we’ve got our mount setup, we’ve got the
Iron Man helmet here on a swiveling mount we’re ready to go so let’s fire it
up starting Stage 1 Stage two spoiler alert melted the whole front away Alright it’s time for the moment that you’ve all been waiting for. We’re gonna do the metal Iron Man helmet versus the jet engine I’m gonna pull it
into the stream once it hits 100% power and we’re gonna see what happens when
the jet engine burns this helmet Alright let’s boot her up And we’re priming Stage one, stage two Oh my god! well that worked pretty well I’d say oh that’s toasty what there’s nothing left of the skin it cavitated it right
through the skull too. We’ve burned a hole straight through it’s just gone there’s nothing left Alright that was awesome I can’t believe that it
actually burned right through the entire Iron Man mask and it just goes to show
how powerful this jet engine is Nothing was able to even stand a chance
against the jet engine. So let us know in the comments down below what you think
we should try to destroy with the jet engine in the next Make It Break video That was awesome James really would have loved to see
this it’s too bad Nick Fury took him away for that secret project