Hey everybody welcome to Bora lacks. Bora lacks develops and builds and operates renewable power facilities that means
that they make electricity how do things like the wind isn’t that
amazing we need electricity to turn our lights on or make our TVs play and they
can make it out of the wind it’s incredible I wonder how it works though
hi Katy hi hi everyone at home I’m Brian and I’m engineer at Boer Alex and I can
tell you all about it that’s great okay Brian so how do you
turn the wind into electricity well first you need to build a big wind
turbine like this building block set here
oh that’s made out of building blocks yeah isn’t it cool yeah so first you
have to build a big concrete foundation like similar to the one in your home and
then you install all the tower sections and once the tower is installed you
install then a cell where the power generator and all the gears are located
and then finally you use a big crane to lift the blades in place and you have a
wind turbine ready to make power from the wind Wow
so the wind blows and it turns those big blades that’s right that’s right so once
the wind blows the blades start spinning and it makes power for your homes that’s
amazing would you like to go see our wind turbines and check it out for
yourself yeah we’d love to all right let’s go
all right Oh Katie welcome to the Niagara region
wind farm wow there’s a lot of wind turbines around here
yeah there’s 77 in this project they’re so tall how tall is a wind turbine
well these wind turbines are the tallest in North America so they’re over 174
meters tall that sounds really tall yeah so if you
would take 55 elephants and stack them on each other’s backs that’s how tall
these wind turbines are if you imagine 55 elephants on top of each other that
would be a sight to see yeah well this is a sight to see so big
and I can see em it’s it’s moving up there so does that mean that it’s making
electricity right now that’s right so when the wind blows and the turbine
catches the wind the blades spin and generate the power that is then
delivered to your homes and how much power is one turbine making so each wind
turbine over the course of the year creates enough power for about a
thousand homes thousand that’s that’s quite a bit that makes quite a lot of
energy it does it test for sure yeah so how does the energy that the wind
turbine is making here how does that get to our house and so that we could use it
as electricity well kitty just as you like you use cords at home to plug in
your devices we use cables called power lines to take the power generated
from the wind turbine to your homes these lines can go either under ground
or above ground on poles so those power lines that we see along the highways and
streets and stuff those are carrying electricity to our house that’s right so
kids next time you’re in the car with mom and dad have I looking at the window
and see if you can see some power lines yeah I’ve seen those that’s really neat
how fast is it moving so the wind turbine at full power does a complete
turn about 14 to 15 times a minute now that doesn’t sound very fast but because
the blades are so long and the tip is moving almost twice as fast as a cheetah
can run a cheetah a cheetah is the fastest land mammal and it’s going twice
as fast as a cheetah it is that’s really fast Wow
does it ever go too fast if it gets too windy well so if there’s a very big
storm with very high winds the turbine has an automatic system that will shut
itself down it basically turns the blades out of the
wind and the wind turbine slows down by itself quite a sophisticated piece of
machinery it’s very sophisticated and very competent now does anyone ever go
all the way up to the top so our workers that do the maintenance on the wind
turbines climb to the top they use a ladder or they take an elevator there’s
an elevator in there there’s a very small elevator wow I guess you can’t be
afraid of heights if you’re gonna go up there and work off a wind turbine
definitely not so can you tell us why it’s important to use a renewable energy
source like wind to make our electricity why would we want to do that so wind
power is a renewable energy source wind will always be around so when you
generate electricity from the wind you’re not burning dirty fuels which
creates air pollution or water pollution which results in a much cleaner
environment and cleaner air for us to breathe this air does smell really clean
it space that’s really nice today well thank you so much for showing us the
wind farm and for teaching us about renewable wind energy and a big thank
you to Borel X for making electricity from things like the wind so that we
could have a cleaner planet and clean air that’s really nice
you’re very welcome it’s been a pleasure to have you here today bye everybody bye