– We just left Antigo.
‘Cause we’re going fishing. – Are you excited? Me too. (claps) Come on! (upbeat music) (speargun shoots) Yeah! (all laughing) – He got it! Wooh! (upbeat music) (water flows) (upbeat music) ♪ Something is better than nothing ♪ ♪ Unless something is nothing, too. ♪ (upbeat music) What’s up everyone? Here’s a quick recap on what
happened last week onboard. So we motored down the
coast of Antigua to Falmouth where our new part for
our boom was being sent. While we waited, we spent
a decent amount of time under water and absorbing
the sun with our mate Stephan from Germany, who
we kind of just kidnapped. Our mail came and the
part was the wrong size. Oh my God. – We’ve got the wrong part
sent out the first time. – We had to accept the fact
that it would be motoring upwind La Vagabond until
the correct part got sent to a new location on another island. (foreign language) So, it’s still really close
to this boat, but last night, they were like right here. So, that was very lucky. Riley and I are going to,
head into town, go grab our passports from George and
Crystal ’cause they’ve checked us out, hopefully. And we had a lot of rainfall last night. – Could’ve drank this. (wind blowing) – Before we left the island,
we wanted to head into yacht services and say a huge thanks to Crystal and George who
helped us with everything from run away gas bottles,
mail and possible broken necks. But unfortunately, they
were both out of the office. – Yeah, I’m not sure how
quickly that’ll be maybe next time around the world, but
yeah thank you so much for like, you’ve been amazing. Especially with my neck and all that stuff when we first came. Thanks a lot, Crystal. – And I left you a little
present on your desk, okay, it’s nothing much but you can hang it up and be reminded of us. (laughing) (cranking) Dingy’s pulled up and we’re ready to go. I’m gonna get this washing
up or it’s gonna fly off. (water splashes) (ladder clanks) Yes, we are finally leaving
Antigua, so ready for a new place but yeah, Antigua
was really nice to us. – Oh that was awesome like. – It really was, it’s the
longest we’ve stayed in a place. I don’t know if I’ve told you, but… – Well, a lot happened. – A lot did happen. – You got pregnant, I broke my neck. (laughing) And I’ve been spear fishing
for about a week straight. – Did some how-to videos, broke the boom. (laughing) – Yeah, God, we did a lot there. – Made some good friends,
met Christian and Katia here. Got Stephen onboard. – Wow.
– A lot. – We did heaps. – Found out your neck wasn’t broken. Man, it is hot today. – Turtle. Oh, no, beer can. – Beer can. (laughing) – Not as cool. – So I’m gonna explain
to you what’s happening over the next 24 hours. So it’s 10 AM, we just left
Antigua, (foreign language) we’re actually, we’re going
to motor along the south side of Antigua, behind the
reef ’cause we’re going fishing. There’s no wind today and
there is actually like those heat wave things coming off everything. And I think Riley might
want to go spear fishing from here until Nevis,
which is north west of here about 50 nautical miles,
so yeah, we’re ‘gonna do an over night sail, take
it real slow and see what adventures unfold. (water splashing) – It’s extraordinarily
calm at the moment, but if it starts picking up at
all, we’ll secure that boom because it’s not secure, it’s
just sitting at the mast. It’s fine how it is, but
we’ve just gotta definitely be keeping an eye on the weather. I just don’t want it
scraping around, like I’ve got a towel underneath and
it’s sort of, it’s just kinda gently in place but it could. That’ll be our next drama,
if we’re to have one. – There’s sargassum in the water. I’m feeling lucky. (boat engine rumbling) So the boys have got Sushimi for lunch. We just, yeah, ate some
food and we’re heading towards Redonda. I don’t know if you guys
remember the episode Speer Fishing on a Deserted Island, Redonda was that rock island
that we anchored behind. (calming music) – So, this is the map that we were given. So, we’re parked about
here where it says anchored but, as we were coming in, we
were looking for a post office and a dock ruins and there’s
nothing there, I don’t think I can see one brick over there. – I’m just about to jump in
the water and go on a bit of a killing spree. I’m hunting lion fish today. – What’s for lunch? – Fish burger. – So, you wanna cut those
off before you go ahead. – I’m still gonna be hungry after this. (laughs) ♪ Swimming around with curiosity ♪ – So we’re going back
there three years later, which is pretty exciting. Yeah, it’ll be interesting
to see if there’s many lion fish still there,
I know there will be barracuda there, that’s where
I got chased by the barracuda. Really scary time. – I just got sent some wide points by George’s mate, Charlie and
a photo of one of the fish he got, so I’m just putting it
in, I mean I’m pretty lucky. (laughs) – He finally says it. – Hello. – Hello. – We were up pretty early, weren’t we? – I don’t think I’m tired
from that, though, I think I just feel a little bit sick. – It’s ’cause you’re pregnant. Now you can just complain
about everything and I just have to go, oh no worries, can I fix it? – Yup. (laughing) Right you are, Harry. – Tell everyone that I gave
you a foot massage last night. – You did, he’s been
giving me foot massages. I don’t really need them yet,
but I won’t tell Riley that. – I got my technique
locked down, I don’t be tickling or nothing. (yawn) (water splashing) My points away, nautical miles away pants. You getting excited? Me too. (claps) Come on! – Well, it’s the end of
wahoo season and Charlie, who sent us a bunch of
coordinates here, he hasn’t even been able to get them
lately so, it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll get
one, but gonna be in it to win it pants. (upbeat music) (bubbles) (water splashes) (calming music) (water splashes) (calming music) – Well, that was a solid effort, Riles. – We did everything we could,
didn’t see a bloody thing. How long do you think I’ve
been in the water for? – Like all together,
probably like three hours. – No, it wasn’t that long. – Yeah. We’ve been sitting out here forever. (chuckles) Two hours, alright. It feels like forever. – Yeah, one hour, yeah. – It’s forever! I’ve been sitting on the boat by myself. (laughing) – I was like, wow, if she
said three, it must be at least two. (chuckles) I was thinking like 40 minutes. – I’ve been on the boat all alone. – I’ve gotta feed our family. (chuckles) – Oh yeah, I’m hungry. (laughing) (upbeat music) – So, Riley’s just jumping in the water. We’re in 12 metres here,
but the floor is like mostly rocks, as I remember. We’re gonna drop the anchor
and put out just the right amount of scopes, so if
the wind does swing around to this way, which it
probably won’t, in the middle of the night or even if
there’s no wind, sometimes you would, you know, just
go around in circles, so we really don’t wanna run into Redonda. (laughs) (water splashes) (calming music) Riley jumped in the water
to check on the anchor and he’s still in the water (chuckles), I’m convinced he’s a fish. (bubbles) – There’s a
(bell dings) big turtle here. (upbeat music) (bubbles) (waves crash) – [Elayna] It’s weird rice. I think it’s Greek. – It’s pasta. – It’s like full grain rice,
but I don’t know, it’s weird. – That is pasta. – No, maybe it is. – If that’s not pasta, I’ll eat my boot. (laughs) – We have some neighbours
today, we got two boats that are out. (pouring) (sprinkle) (pouring) (clanking) (pouring) (blender whirs) (pouring) Would you look at that? This morning, we’re all
gonna jump in the dingy and motor up to the top end of the island and drift back towards La Vagabond. I think Riley’s gonna do some spearfishing and I’m hoping to find some
turtles, maybe some little reef sharks and I might try
and, I don’t know, climb up the island, not very
high but (chuckles). ♪ I woke up early ♪ ♪ Oh you know, my legs hurt ♪ Yes! I made it. And there’s some like, bricks
built into the rocks here. Don’t ask me what the hell
people are doing on an island like this. (water bubbles) (calming music) ♪ I smoosh my socks too ♪ ♪ I’m a jester ♪ ♪ Who’s a jester ♪ – Yay, I love swimming when it’s raining. Ahh. ♪ For a long time ♪ – It is pitch black out here. The moon hasn’t come up yet
and the only way you can tell which way the boat’s
facing is by listening to the sounds of the waves
crashing on the rocks. And now we’re all going to watch a movie. Riley, or do you want to watch South Park? – South Park. – Yeah, we’re gonna
have a bit of a slumber. (cranking) See ya later, Redonda. It’s been a good morning. We’re all pretty dead now. About to have my first coffee
for like weeks and weeks. (smacking) So, this is what Riley’s
going for today, wahoo, and they can get to 183 pounds. (upbeat music) (water splashes) (upbeat music) (splash) (upbeat music) – [All] Yeah! – [Elayna] He got it! Whooo! Oh my God! You should be very proud
of yourself, Riles. – Oh, I am. – First wahoo on the Vega. Wooh, okay so Riley’s
got the fish on the boat. Absolutely stinks of fish. There is blood and scales
and stuff everywhere. Riley’s like– – [Riley] At least you
won’t be hungry, Elayna. – So, we are motoring to Nevis. Hopefully we make it before sunset. We’ve got another about ten
nautical mile and we’re going five so another two hours
we should get there. I seriously don’t know
what we’re going to do with all this meat but, yeah,
we’ll definitely give some away, I think, and the
freezers will be packed so yeah, good day, good day. – We went spear fishing for
turtle armour, basically, so we’re coming in quite light, it’s dark. I think we’ll be fine, but
it’s never good arriving at night time. (boat motor rumbles) Five. Yeah, go in neutral there. Reverse up. – I’m reversing. (sprinkling) We’re gonna put them in oven
bags with onion, garlic, all these veggies here,
salt, rosemary and some oregano and olive oil. (bag crinkles) (ripping) Oh yeah. – Oh wow. – Can you say that again? (laughing) – I said, this is restaurant quality shit. – It’s so good. – Thanks for watching, please
give the video a thumbs up if you liked it, we love you guys. And next week, we head
up to St. Martin, get up to a bit of mischief, and
witness more of the devastation caused by the hurricane. (calming music)