All right, we’ve got the privilege today to review which one each one linked in course air 2020 is the first year that this mile came out All right happen Elleni we’re gonna check out the interior First of this 2020 course airs that they just started making actually they make them in, Louisville, Kentucky They just started production in 2019 They showed it off first in the New York car show back in April, but they are here We’ve got one in our town and we’re excited to show you the inside of this Corsair. Let’s check it out So we’re gonna start here with the door panel I’ve never reviewed a car that has the seat adjustments on the side here. So as you pressed I’m leaning back right now So as you’re press the sides we’re leaning back. You’ve got the front in the back here on the sides normally You’ve got them down here on the sides, but here on this Lincoln course here You’ve got them right up here on the door panel. You’ve also got three memory settings for different drivers So you your wife your friends, whoever you’ve got three different settings You’ve got the 14 inch speakers on the side normal up and down window controls right here. All that’s pretty normal We’ve got the steering wheel here. Unfortunately, I wish it was a heated steering wheel, but it’s not and to be honest with you It’s a little bit slick. It feels very slippery. It does have some night on the ten and two grips here right here You see the thumbnail here of your your speaker So if you want to talk to your car you can easily just press it right here As you come down here, you’ve got your volume controls here. You’ve got the nice Lincoln Emblem right there in the middle. You’ve got your lane control assist where you can turn that on This car does have the lane assist and it has the automatic parking so it’ll help Park So those buttons are right here check out the display. Hold on you’ve got the digital display and I love this sucker I mean, this is all digital you’ve got Your RPMs on the left side. You’ve got your trip odometer. You’ve got your miles per hour You’ve got your gas gauge, but it just looks really cool. And one thing I’m really excited to show you It’s all the ambient lighting here. Let’s just check it out Let me actually let me grab the camera and you talk about the middle council here already then sounds good All right, Ellie. I got the camera here check this out. I mean, this is awesome up on the top here You’ve got the Revell speaker. I mean that’s just situated beautifully up there and we have like some soft leather appears So that’s very nice. But you know one thing I haven’t ever noticed in a vehicle is where they put a switching gear Oh man that I tell you what we just reviewed it was the the 1500 the RAM 1500 and that has the knob control which I think is awesome But I tell you what, this one’s cool, aren’t you show it to us? This was way different. So if you see right here Here keep let me say one thing first. Okay. Whoo, you’re feeling that break If you click the rear take that up, yeah so that so just you know You click here and you just switch the gear by clicking there, which that’s pretty nice But since we’re right here, you know, you get your parking right here sensors and all the fun stuff. Yeah This is an eight inch LED display here. Yep. Oh and I mean you get all these button right here You click this one, you know the view of your vehicle I mean all the fun stuff, but you know, let’s just move on you get the friend BeYOU you get, you know different angles of your vehicles. Yeah, and it’s very Touch responsive. So when you press a button, I mean look, I just did it that quick. It changes instantly You don’t have that We don’t have to impress hard hard hard are you so I mean right here in the center. You get all your setting control So, you know as you can see you can put Wi-Fi on this one your Bluetooth connection your link with Lincoln you knowing all that and We have these nice air vents that just come from this corner to the other corners very large events, very nice You go down here. You’ve got your normal speaker controls here when you turn up Here’s your your seat in the you know, your temperature gauges here. When I press this up or down right now It’s set on 83, which I’m roasting here But as you go up and down it pops up on the display and also that’s down here So just in case you look up there down here that shows you in both ways Yeah, you know one thing we made a little mistake We said then it has hit a steering wheel, but it does it’s down here. So you click here. I didn’t see it It does have heated steering wheel so and as we move down here to the center console I just gotta see I don’t know if you can show them this Keith if they can see right here Ambient lighting right here shows the Lincoln. Yes. That’s very nice This is a panel that slides back and forth and you see as I move it away the you know, the light goes off Right there The light is right there and you know The light is shining right from above so you put my hand in there. You can see where it’s coming from But that is a pretty cool little detail there. I like very much one thing. I don’t like tell me about it I mean I like the way they have the light there’s a lot of space way back here that you’re never gonna use It’s kind of hard to yeah, that’s what I was saying at first I thought when you open this it went way back farther, but you know it that stops right there But that’s pretty neat looking at right that’s pretty close as we were saying right here, you know You get all your normal stuff you get your well now that we’re ain’t here Let me show you we have one us back use big plug right here Yeah, we have a 12-volt outlet. Right most most 2020s are put in two USB ports in here now This one only has one which is a little bit disappointment, right? I have a feeling underneath my elbow here in the middle council holder There’s another one but it’s always nice to have two USB ports there for your passenger, you know right here We have the normal glovebox, you know, not too big not too small Just perfect and you know one thing I keep noticing as I’m sitting in this link and Keith this nice wood That’s cool, it’s got to start your start/stop engine control is right up here on the top This also has the rear view all you can see my camera there. They have the rear view display And up here at the top here. It’s got the controls for your sunroof. This is a really nice panoramic To the rear. So as you can see right there, I’m opening it up goes all the way to the passenger seat in the back And if you click afford, that’s the same thing it closes back. But I mean, let me just open that back for you guys Really quick, you know check that out Keith. I don’t know if you’re getting there. Yep Opens very nice. Beautiful panoramic Sunroof there. So you’ve got there’s not much else. I mean right here one thing This isn’t all this Lincoln 2020 course air is a all-wheel drive, which is fantastic up here in the winter And then in the middle, you’ve got this drive mode So I’m gonna go ahead and you show up the display switch it up up here. So look at that Look how digital that display just smoothly transfer so you can see you have different options You’ve got as he’s turning the drive mode knob you’ve got the normal conditions. You’ve got the slippery So if it’s ice or rain and then you’ve got the deep snow so you’ve got deep snow so it’ll change automatically It’s your driving conditions as you move this so you get four different modes, which can Break the ambient lighting is awesome, and I got to tell you guys one thing with this Lincoln you can like change your Ambient lighting colors. So right now we have like a reddish orange type of color But if you go into your settings you can change whatever color Alright, yeah, so if you want to go to the drive-in movie theater on it You can be romantic and change that ambient light into blue The seat adjustments are up here, you know, you can quickly move your hands up Oh, yeah the stars you can open up the top there You’re thinking about it Let’s open this middle console And as you can see, I mean it’s not very big and get this nice little storage right here But one thing that I didn’t notice is you have your phone charging pad You see this right here this opens and closes. So you put your phone in there and it holds your phone So your boats charging right now. Oh and I go anywhere, so that’s really nice right there So you don’t necessarily need the other USB port cuz you can charge your phone right there But this does only have one USB port that we found so far, right so frankly you know this be for your passenger or driver, however, you do it but You know not to forget we have this nice white leather stitching. I don’t know if you see it right here That’s nice soft leather that goes all around I’m gonna go ahead and hop out and we’ll come around and we can show us through their door handle They will jump in the back. All right, great Alright on this I’m coming around here to the side. Let’s show us the door handle a little bit. So as you can see We don’t have the SI adjustments right here. Look at that Threw me off once we came in and checked that Appear so you know, you do all your adjustments right here you have this nice packet You got LED lights here on the side. Yep. Also you have your M Dean Lighting’s right here. Yeah, that’s pretty nice Ambient lighting right there. That’s very nice But you have your is this Lincoln logo right here and list up right on the doorstep? Yep, when you open your door this lists up and says Lincoln right there. So just to remind you you’re driving a Lincoln Yeah, very nice. You know, let’s hop in the back and show them the rear of this. Alright, let’s do it Alright, oh, you know you got the camera now here, so this is pretty basic in the back I mean, it’s nice this thing is it’s a Lincoln you’re driving a Lincoln for $38,000 and this is the first model year So when you go down the road people are gonna say man, what’s a Corsair? This is actually replacing the MK see But you know, this is a dis a nice vehicle. 38,000 is pretty basic in the back It’s got the leather. See it’s got the heated passenger seats here in the back it’s got your normal holder there for your cell phone and your flip fries and all the You’ve got your heat controls right sure you do have heated seats back here Yep, which does very nice vent controls right there and do we have down here? You’ve got your two moments two ladies Oh, no, you have people in the back there. You’ve got your 110 volt outlet right there Yep, which that’s very nice Richi base and right here on the center Now we have do we have some cup holder weight one thing I do We’ve done a couple reviews where they’ll put the the headrest right here And when you set down the middle the middle seat here that it acts as a support. This is a little bit flimsy Not bad here. But so that’s here You think at first it doesn’t have cup holders, but when you press here, the cup holders come right out there So which this pretty nice, you know that it opens up pretty large so you can you can hold, you know a large McDonald’s drinking You know guys Keith likes my Donna lasso that way he talks so much Alright so we’ll go ahead and just keep the camera going here We’re gonna hit them the buttons right here on the right hand side that lowers the gate automatic. Very nice You’ve got your speakers in the back. It’s pretty basic normal hatchback here. You’ve got a 12 volt charger here. You’ve got your tire Right there this whole panel actually lifts up if you want to lift up the whole thing You’ve got your tie-down racks here your spare tires in the back a little bit of storage on the sides You’ve also got your controls here for your seats to lower the seats here and these are gravity controlled So when you hit the button, I’ll hit it Gravity is just going to release it and it Springs it down. So unfortunately, it won’t come up unless you come around the side and You got to push it back up. It’s not too heavy pretty easy to do it click in place right away So that’s not too bad. So that’s very nice How about we close this, you know, sit the camera on the tripod and show them the front of this Lincoln do it you press the button right here. This will lower it. You can also hit the button too So if I wanted to stop it right here for some reason I could do that. You hit the button again it’s going to go back up and Then we’ll hit it to close it. So, all right. We’ll grab the try out sounds good All right. So we’re in front now of the 2020 Lincoln coarse hair It’s pretty unique look and it looks just a little bit similar to the leakin aviator What do you think about a dolly? You know, I think it’s very nice This very has a very nice light large grille. You also get you know, the nice Lincoln logo right here you get all this pool right here chrome down here you get chrome about Most of them right? It’s really classy looking it looks really nice I mean you think you know, you’re driving a Lincoln when you have this it looks very classy very stylish Check out the LED lights. You know, these are very nice LED lights and a little bit I’m gonna grab the camera and get a closer. Look at these LED lights because you know what? I think this looks like diamond right it’s a pretty low pass. We’re very nice right there it also has the projector bulb so it’ll turn with you the bulbs as you turn a corner the lights will turn with you as You go around the corner very nice touches these look great, you know and down here We have these nice, you know, it says it’s like a strip right here But that’s an LED like kind of the fog lights through here, you know you I’m more used to them being lower low here But these are like right here. Yeah, it’s got nice. Smooth lines here a little bit of a sporty look here on the hood It’s very nice. So grab the camera and show a little bit Cory. Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s do that All right, so I’ll take it a little bit closer look here If you look at the design here, you gotta look real close. Hopefully it’ll zoom in enough It looks like there’s a little bit diamond pattern on the LEDs lights that go around the outside and you can see the projector bulbs Right there. It’s pretty nice. Go and show the grill just a little bit This isn’t really Chrome. This is more of a just a silver finish I’m not sure what they call that but hey, it’s kind of unique how you took elytis. It’s a little bit of time. Yeah Hood. We were searching around, you know Like forever looking for the pop but you got to do it inside, right? Because you know, normally you have it up here, but this kind of caught me off guard, right they lost his mind Then I call you over you could have figured out either. So let’s pull twice so we didn’t you know Of course, we didn’t read it So though here is like it once and twice then that pops that’s that way that you can open a sex out this 2.3 turbo engine this is a four-cylinder Now it opens easy you don’t have to look underneath right This is a 2.3 liter turbo. It’s a 4 cylinder It gets 21 miles in the city and 28 in the highway. This is an 8-speed transmission This is pretty basic, you know and good fuel economy. Yep right here They put a Lincoln once again, you know, everything seems pretty easy for you to get to you know, you have your oil Gauging and all that, right? I mean You know your wiper fluid over there your battery You get everything is just very basic to get to you know, and keep go ahead and close that already Keith Let’s just go ahead and check the size. You know, I strap the tripod and we’ll meet you on the side all right, so we’re ready in the side of this course here and you know You just got here and we were talking about these large 20-inch rims. Yeah, these are pretty nice-looking. I mean there’s lots of as LD was pointing out to me earlier There’s a lot of spoke. So to be honest with you LD love here’s a little interesting fact about outing He loves to clean cars if you fight your car detailed He’s the man doing he will spend four or five six hours on it It’s kind of insane, but this is gonna take a lot of cleaning to get the brake dust over there He’s our loudest post but you know I don’t think it has the nice black Accent and it also has like a I don’t know why you call this is like it’s just an aluminum And aluminum finish, but you have to 40 fights in the front and you also have to 40 fights in the back So that’s very nice, you know and right here. I don’t know if you guys can see this, but we have the side Sensors and then we have this marker light right here As you come up the door or you know the door panel here You’ve got the Corsair logo right on the on the side here. And remember this is the first year they made them So this is the first time people are gonna see this course there and they’re gonna be pulled up next you’re like man That’s it’s pretty nice. Looking Lincoln What is it always? Of course, they’re right and they can see right and we’re right there You know, we have the marker light switcher There are LED right here on the side and you know I’m gonna grab the camera and we’re just gonna move right to the bed All right, follow us here to the back here one of the first things that you notice here Is this big spoiler? It comes out? It’s really deep here in the back It’s got the nice LED light that goes right down the side. It’s got the windshield wiper right there You’ve got the lincoln name just like pretty much any lincoln has One thing that looks really nice to me is the LED lights What do you think about it there wraps all the way around? So that’s very nice You know, let me stand right here and get a look of that. That’s very nice You’ve got the big huge brake lights here that go down. You’ve got the 2.3 T. Which this stands for it’s your motor size It’s a 2.3 liter motor turbo. So that’s a 2.3 T. And then you’ve got the dual exhaust here. It’s got the chrome tip They don’t come out too far. They’re kind of hidden, but that’s fine. You’re not and you’re not in this for a sports car It’s got the chrome tips. That’s it. This thing’s beautiful. Thanks for checking out this 2020 Lincoln course, err This review has been fun right here. Click on our next video and we’ll see you on the next one