hey guys welcome back to beautiful within
and today on my channel I’m going to do a review about me now generation 2
liquid eyeliner which I had purchased recently when I went to Mumbai and I
just found it in a local store and it has caught my eyes that guy gave me this
me now generation in just 100 rupees so I was really really super excited to try
this and he said that it is smudge proof it is waterproof and it is a kind of
peeloff like an eyeliner and I was just curious to find out what it is and I
just picked it up so I have been trying this for past one month and it is just
amazing so I thought of sharing that review with you so it is M&N its
very famous affordable makeup brand and like you know you find it in the local
stores it is MN me now generation 2 liquid eyeliner so if you find this
eyeliner in your local store definitely it is a buy you have to grab this
because it’s just amazing so I’m going to show you what it is and how it is
it’s coming in this kind of packaging it’s liquid eyeliner this water-based
formula glides on ever so smoothly for a long-lasting finish its jet-black it’s a
very very shiny jet-black so if you are finding a matte eyeliner this is not for
you it is a very very liquidy texture and it has very very shiny texture so I
really really liked it because I had the music flower gel eyeliner which I had
done the review of it will be there in the tag I button over here
somewhere and you can just see if you want to see that review also of that
eyeliner that is a matte eye eyeliner and I really really love that so I just
wanted something like in a party occasion or something you just need a
little bit of shiny eyeliner so I that’s why I brought this so yeah it is 2.5 ml
of bottle and it just gave me he just gave me 100 rupees I don’t know your
local store person can you know because there is no MRP written he can give you
for 250 or something I have also found it on Amazon and I’ll put the link in the
description bar below so you can go and purchase it from there also I don’t know
many times it is just out of stock so MN generation is like local store brand
I’ll just show you the bottle inside is I just mentioned right 2.5 ml which is
just 100 rupees and I just completely love the way the bottle is very sleek
and very very travel friendly if you throw the outer carton also you can
carry this in your post as well it’s very very travel friendly and also on
the bottle it’s written over here MN menow generation 2 eyeliner so liquid
eyeliner yeah so it’s very very nice and won’t come out it’s inbuilt inside the
bottle so really really liked it and it’s looks very very you know a high
ended branded products and just for hundred rupees just imagine and it’s
really really affordable and I just really loved it and as you can as you
know that rainy seasons are going on so a liquid eyeliner with waterproof
quality I just needed to grab it so this is how the wand of the eyeliner looks
like it’s quite long to carry a catch sorry and application becomes very very
easy and I’m very good with liquid eyeliner so it’s very very easy and it’s
like my five minutes of work becomes this one-minute work so this is how the
wand looks like and I’ll just give you a swatch behind my hand so this is how
jet-black it is and you can just like you know layer it on you can make it
dark big broad winged eyeliner everything you
can just do anything smudge part of this so I’ll just let it dry and then come
back so now the swatch is completely dry as you can see and now even she just
watch or is smudge proof or not I am just rubbing my finger on it and you can see
it’s completely smudge proof okay and now we will see the waterproof part I’m
just going to apply water on it so in the rainy seasons this is an eyeliner
for you I think for that many people think that is the waterproof on how is
going to come out from our eyes it will be very difficult to take him out so
what it is that it is a peel of kind of as you can see it will peel off from
your hand and you see it’s going to just peel off
from your eyes like this I hope you can see so it’s just
so it’s really really amazing I really really liked it and I found this quality
after I purchased it and have started applying and I just saw it was just
amazing so I am going to definitely buy it if I see it again and yeah guys so
just this was my review about me now generation liquid eyeliner quiet quiet
happy with this product so a thumbs up from my side to this product and if you
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