It is a grey day today. The sun is just
starting to come out which is really beautiful but there are no leaves on the
trees. There’s really nothing exciting to speak of, meaning there’s no snow on the
ground. There’s no leaves on the trees. We’re kind of in that in-between season
where it’s really difficult to think of what to photograph. Now I’ve come out to
this place here and it’s just beautiful. It’s the Devil’s Punchbowl, which is a
waterfall in Hamilton but I’m not here to see the waterfall today. Today I would
like to see if I can capture just something of the simplicity of this
season without… without all the exciting stuff that there usually is to
photograph. I am out here with my 50 mm macro and I’m going to look
for some simple, beautiful subjects. I may have a bit of a challenge on my
hands today because it’s actually quite breezy and all of the plants and grasses
are moving quite a bit in the breeze. That is definitely going to be a bit of
a challenge with macro so I might need to bring my ISO up and and my shutter
speed up quite a bit. Hoping that I can still get a proper
depth of field for at least one image. I’ve just gone for a little bit of a walk
and I am at the edge of the… well, the valley is before me. I definitely am NOT
making my way down there today but maybe one day this is the way to the bottom of
the falls. I’m not exactly sure. It’s beautiful though. The ground is still
full of the orange from the leaves that have already fallen. Okay. First subject. I like the way the
sun is backlighting these plants here – the red. I’m going to try and get that.
Okay. I’m going to set up and then and then I’ll tell you what I’m doing. This is not an easy image. The breeze is
blowing and the red plant is moving quite a bit in it so I have my camera on
ISO 500. Also the sun is backlighting my subject. It’s not a strong sun. The sun is
out behind the clouds but it’s still backlit so I have my exposure value up
two clicks which is +1 exposure value just to make sure that I don’t lose all
of the detail in the actual plant itself because it is in shadow. f/6.7 and 1/200 of a second. I’m playing around with that. I’ve gone
up to f/8 and down to f/4 and want the background to be soft but not… I don’t
want my ISO to be… Sorry not my ISO. I don’t want my aperture to be so low that
part of the plant is not in focus. I’m going to take this a couple of times, see
how it turns out. It’s really hard finding compositions
here today. I like this curly grass here. I’d like to
see if I can try and catch it but it’s extremely challenging because it’s very
light and it’s moving a lot. I’ve gone up to ISO 800. I’m completely amazed how beautiful such
a plain brown day can be. It’s just so quiet. The trees are just standing there.
Grasses are rustling in the breeze. The sun is soft in the sky. It’s beautiful. These are so beautiful. The milkweeds. Alright. So I’ve got ISO 800 because they’re moving quite a bit in the breeze. I love
the soft white. The soft white bits as they as they move in the breeze. It’s
amazing. So what I’m doing is ISO 800, f- somewhere between f/4 and f/8. I want a
low enough f-stop to have a soft background but not so much that a part
of the milkweed gets blurry. Now it’s okay if a little bit, some parts of it
are a little blurry but not the main parts. so I’m taking quite a few
shots here – click, click, click – because the wind is changing. The composition is… The composition is not static and yeah. I’ve got 1/200 of a second approximately but when I move up to f/5.6 I have 1/90 which actually isn’t
much. Okay. I’m avoiding the sky. I don’t want to
have the horizon at the top of my image just going across just that little bit
of sky because it’s just a distraction. The sky doesn’t say anything towards my
composition so I’ve angled the camera down a little bit so I only have the
soft green in the background. The soft green and brown. I’m going to go handheld. I’m on ISO 800.
Anyway, the plants are moving so fast that I might as well. I’ve got manual focus on and like I said, ISO 800, f/4.5 and I’m just grabbing a
whole bunch of little details. Sometimes I find it really fun just to not be
concerned about how quickly I press the shutter. I just, “Oh. That looks good.”
Snap. “Oh. That looks good.” Snap. So that’s what I’m going to do now. I’ve got the
little seeds blowing in the wind and some of the other cool plants here and…
Okay! Let’s do this. That was fun. Just got back from the Rocky Mountains and it was so incredible. Today I thought I
would just do something really simple. I’ve been so tired since we got back.
I’ve just been really, really busy and it’s all good stuff but you know, I
sometimes just need to get out and spend some time with my camera and with you.
Thanks for coming along guys. I’ll see you soon. Bye!