Early 2017 I was doing a lot of driving
with my newborn baby trying to get her to sleep and I found myself
constantly being drawn towards wind farms. They’re not a long drive away but
a good drive for a nap. There’s a number of small hills along the way and
then you suddenly see like over the crest of this last hill the top of one
of the turbines and it’s just like an immediate kind of like ahhh, for me
anyway, and then going over that hill and I called the scenes of unbridled
optimism because just dozens of them in this field and it just opens up once you
get over that final crest. The arms of the turbine rotating and the rhythm
of them calming me down and it was, you know, I was like are this people thinking
about a future there’s people planning for it. Because
it feels like so often now that we’re just planning for the next
election cycle or we’re kind of stagnated with climate policy. I needed
optimism. So it’s the drive to them and seeing them and seeing the rhythm of
them all in unison and then yeah, going and sitting underneath him for a
little while, while my daughter slept. I started trying to find a way to
interpret the rhythm and the sense of calm that I was getting from them I was
reminded of the work of Sonia Delaunay and she had done this painting in 1914
that was inspired by the newly installed electric lamp posts on the streets of
Paris. The subject matter in itself links beautifully to the wind turbines and the
the way that she was interpreting that as the scene of, to me, pure optimism and
positivity and future that was sort of the start of it I guess. So I started
thinking about the way that the movement and rhythm was resonating through the
rest of the landscape and the rest of our world. I’d like to think that we could leave this place better…