Because networks are the heart of business
today, your network needs to be on 24/7. Today, when networks go down, effects are felt immediately…but
the issue is not always apparent. IT departments are under more pressure than
ever to maintain network integrity. But what if you had an experienced partner looking
after your network? At telkomtelstra, we provide Integrated Service
Management, so your network has end to end proactive CPE monitoring and you have full
visibility of your core IP infrastructure. You’ll not only know when and where an issue
arises, but you’ll know we’re already working to fix it. AND with telkomtelstra’s Infinity Portal
you have access to support channels, when and where you need them including Live Chat
and callback functionality and total visibility of your network service status. Need to log
a fault or incident? No problem. You will also see proactive incident notifications
and service requests as well as online fault reporting – all on your computer or mobile
device. Managed Network Services (MNS) is a complete
set of solutions for managing your company’s network. MNS can increase your business productivity
by reducing downtime and delays due to moves, adds and changes across your network. You can also lower your hardware and upgrade
costs and build for the future while lowering the total cost of ownership. Focus on serving your customers and running
your business while we focus on your network. Increase your business productivity. Enhance the relationship with your customers. Focus on your core business and your customers
without worrying about your network.