We are more connected than ever. Digital technology makes running your business
easier. But buying hardware and building your own
complex data centres can be expensive and impact the growth and agility of your business. Telkomtelstra can help grow your business
flexibly with Managed Network Services. MNS uses Integrated Service Management providing
end-to-end network transparency with streamlined support and response processes. The telkomtelstra Infinity Portal is your
window into your ICT environment – in real time. It provides a single view of the performance
of your Managed Network, Private Cloud and other Managed Services. When you think about the tools you use today
it can feel more like you are trying to manage a war room. All that data from different systems
and vendor reports. Shouldn’t these tools simply work in the palm of your hand? Whether you are in the office, on the road
or even simply enjoying time with family, having the right information and tools at
the touch of a button, can ensure that you’re able to respond to the needs of your business
when you are ready. The telkomtelstra Infinity Portal provides
you with all of the information and tools you need: • Review performance reports • Assess current incidents • Raise change requests • and even communicate with the experts
who are helping you to manage your network service from telkomtelstra. The telkomtelstra Infinity Portal provides
a new level of transparency and capability, which will empower your business to respond
to today’s dynamic world. It’s important that you can decide for your
business how you want to manage your Managed Network Services. That’s why telkomtelstra
gives you the flexibility to identify what level of support you need from Gold , Silver,
or Bronze according to your business needs. Telkomtelstra is able to manage your network
from the LAN environment through the network and into the data centre. This single view means there is no demarcation
between suppliers. Telkomtelstra integrates: • Vendors • Field Service partners • The Telkom network • And is able to ensure that the problem
can be identified and completed as fast as possible the whole time keeping you informed
of the status of the resolution through the telkomtelstra Infinity Portal. Telkomtelstra’s Managed Network Service
is not just about providing Service Levels or sharing the right information, it is also
about supporting your business to the highest standard possible. For that reason we provide proactive management
of your network and connected devices to ensure we are resolving any problems before your
business is impacted. Telkomtelstra also provides Service Management
sitting with your team every month to review the performance of the services we provide
as well as providing recommendations on how you can maximise the capability of your ICT
assets and how to ensure they are performing to the needs of your organisation. Telkomtelstra can provide you with the necessary
support from: • Designing your Managed Network requirements • Project managing the deployment • Ordering and staging of hardware • and keeping you up to date as to the status
of those deployments through the telkomtelstra Infinity Portal • as well as regular updates from your assigned
Project Team from telkomtelstra. Managed Network Services can be described
as many different things. For telkomtelstra, Managed Network Service is about: • Empowering organisations to focus on their
core business • Having access to the tools and information
in the palm of your hand • To be able to make the right decisions
for your business all supported by a Service Provider with the
ability to proactively manage your managed network with best in class tools and the right
accreditations to support you and your business.