Imagine manufacturing and office
operations that are carbon-free zero greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the goal Mars has set for itself as part of its
Sustainable in a Generation initiative. Where will the energy come from? One
place is Lamesa Texas, population just over 9,000. It’s a quiet community of
cattle ranchers and cotton farmers but over the past year, Lamesa has been transformed into a
center of power. That power – is energy electricity generated by the Mequite
Creek Wind Farm – 818 turbines spread over 25,000 acres, a collaborative effort
between Sumitomo Corporation of America’s, GE, and BNB Renewable Energy based on Mars’ commitment to buy the facility’s output. Well, in technical terms, it’s 800,000 megawatt hours. Well, it’s sufficient energy for all for all 70 sites – that includes thirty
seven factors we have in the U.S This will mean that we will become the first major food business to source all of its U.S. electricity from renewable sources. to source all of its U.S. electricity from renewable sources. With Mesquite Creek, Mars is making progress towards its Sustainable in a Generation goals. We’ve coined this phrase, ‘Sustainable in
a Generation’ to mean that mean we want to get factory operations supply chain that we
control truly sustainable by 2040. We’ve realized the limitations of putting
renewable energy on our sites. We’ll continue to do that where it makes sense,
but the idea here is let’s put the renewable energy we need in the windiest places or the sunniest places, such as places, let’s do that I had a huge scale. For Mars, Sustainable in a Generation is a
major factor in achieving one of its five global strategies. It’s a big bold
bet, but as a family owned business driven by a set of guidelines it calls
The Five Principles, Mars is challenging itself to make long-term strategic
investments to meet its Sustainable in a Generation goals. Mars has also found another kind
of power in Lamesa – the power of people, the power of community, and Mars is
helping to make Lamesa a better place for local residents, first by creating
win-wins with farmers on whose land the wind farm sits and with the City of
Lamesa. It’s a win for Mars, it’s a win for Sumitomo, it’s a win for us, here to
import city and we feel like they’re good family-oriented company that’s taken care of business and they do good by their employees. and they do good by their employees. Mars has donated a new kitchen to the Boys and Girls Club of Lamesa and partnered with
Sumitomo to provide them with a new van. “Lamesa Boys and Girls Club has a van to take us on field trips!” “Are we happy?” Honestly, could not ever have a van of this caliber if it weren’t for this corporate partner. do not like this we dream about things like this but it’s never
really on the table and now it is because of the corporate partner who cares about the community. For Lamesa, Mesquite Creek represents a
new and exciting partnership. For Mars, it’s a way to move toward carbon-free
operations, it’s also a chance to set an example of good corporate citizenship
and demonstrate what a sustainable future looks like for Mars’ 75,000
Associates… and for the world.