Hello there! This is Michael Mirdad.
Hope you’re all doing well. It’s time for one of our Friday night spiritual
insights with Michael Mirdad ,so thank you for joining us. Today we’re actually
going to talk about something that we also have a4-day intensive coming
up on, Mastery. You know, to me this is such an important topic, as most anybody
would know who has ever heard me speak or what I write. The first priority and
in life is connecting with God so but the idea though is connecting with God
it is number one but then what so that’s where you have all your mystics out in
their caves and the Himalayas and wherever the mountains you know just oh
I want to be on a retreat to connect with God forever it’s okay to go to
those retreats it’s also important to become the retreats to become the Haven
people come to to feel God’s presence instead of always having to go to a
place nothing wrong with going to a place I would like to create like I said
a retreat called Eden Shire the people could come to and even live at but you
still have to become that thing you know meaning the consciousness of connecting
with God so number one priority is that we connect with God number two and that
the theme is really this remember God self and others feel kind of weird doc
you with this woman’s head Hutton but God self God self and others
so connecting with God and I don’t even have like a Michael Muir dad how to
connect with God the mere dad way you know guys it’s your call prayer and
meditation in a nutshell yes it could be Christian prayer Muslim prayer or
whatever but some form of prayer and meditation which I call in a combined
form communion with God which I include that technique in a couple of different
books of mine it’s also a free download on my website just under downloads
you click on downloads and it’ll say daily communion exercise so please it’s
simple few steps but practice it it’s just perfect it’s complete do this thing
and it’s how you know it’s prayer and meditation combined with the effects and
so forth of visualization and some other technique so something to think about
the second thing though is now I’ve communed with God I connect with God but
I have to become I have to some of that has to stick so that’s where God’s self
so self becomes a healthier self self becomes a person who feels like they’re
pretty loving forgiving it’s a person who has a connection with God but also a
person that’s responsible and they know how to basically be a healthier person
meaning they know how to look inside instead of outer orientation or blame
orientation they don’t look at self and track things you know within themselves
so that’s what I mean by responsible and constantly on a maintenance program of
self healing so God itself and now others with others it’s a matter of
connection know how to connect with others and know how to bridge with
others but in the context of mastery what I’m leading to is there’s god self
and others but the god connection is ours our that’s divinity spiritual
connection with God that’s our divine nurturance but how do you get from
divine connection to human daily life you know so most people that’s where
most people are messed up they’re either really mundane with an occasional maybe
this is a superstitious kind of connection with something up in the sky
or there’s people that are totally sublime one with God totally worthless
on earth and we want balance we’re supposed to be living in the Christ life
or a living mastery that’s why I coined that phrase living mastery not
not masters with turbines not masters who are ascended masters of higher
dimensionality living breathing human masters so there’s God and heaven their
self and like you could say that the consciousness the e Zdenek consciousness
and there’s others on the earth plane so there’s three you know there’s God
there’s heaven Eden and earth but there’s also God self and others so we
have to become that bridge for others to reach God
Eden is a bridge between the earth plane and the divine you know heavenly plane
so you see there’s that that connection that the purpose for these three levels
and on that note mastery is not about I’m a way out here you know a bliss
bunny you know Here I am well in the ethers and then you know people are
talking to you in your life hmm you know it’s funny as I did that these birds are
tweeting so it was perfect for like a you know just spaced out you know not
very helpful and then there’s really mundane humans that are just like bricks
you know just dense yeah I’m sure you may have been that way or you know
people they’re just like bricks man densest could be
there’s just no like higher consciousness no contemplation of a
higher nature so there’s that so in between the human day things we have to
do daily things we have to do and the spiritual connections this is the ticket
mastery is what I call that masters are the ones who bridge the world there are
the miracle workers the light workers but it’s not a passive term like light
worker that I it’s a term I coined a long time ago the people have started
using over the years but it’s something I think I made up the term like 30 years
ago but light workers it’s become you know something where it’s a generic term
now anybody on the spiritual path could say I’m a light worker not really you
you’re a light worker and I get to decide what the definition is since I
made up the word because some people don’t understand and
they just use it for anything a light worker is someone who is choosing to be
a working at to someone who’s working at anchoring the light what light
obviously God’s light so there’s people that don’t even believe in God they just
believe in their own higher dimensionality and they call themselves
light workers they don’t fit my definition okay so a light worker means
you’re working to bring the light where to earth of God to earth and that again
is a master in its best terminology it’s the best definition light worker should
be a master so a living master though so mastery everyone I’m trying to explain
man mastery is living the principles of God now you don’t have to live my
principles what I would say is you connect with God in your own way and
then you ask yourself what is it like to live whatever it is you got in your
meditation whatever it is you received in your study group today what is it you
learned or achieved when you did your course of miracles work whatever it is
that’s that you’ve gained in consciousness needs to be applied the
application itself is done as a human being because you’re here but the choice
to apply it to just discernment on how to apply it that’s the master the master
is the one who focuses what otherwise what might might have been been an
abstract energy ethereal it focuses down that energy down into the human plane it
anchors it so the master is focused and uses willpower and you know it’s so
forth it’s really amazing because again people think of mastery is such an
abstract term and and I’m saying no we have to live these principles so
hopefully this much is clear God self and others and also we’re
anchoring heaven to earth the light workers or the masters but again a light
worker could say well yeah man I’m anchoring God’s light how oh just prayer
know the difference to really make it clear
on the twisted version of what a light worker as to what I originally meant it
to be is when it’s synonymous with the word master so a master isn’t just I’m
meditating and bringing energy you know God to earth it’s a master is here they
show up they know how to be efficient first of all they’re loving but they
also know how to be efficient effective clear in everything we do
you’re a clearer communicator you know I mean humans just so often just like
la-dee-da with communication they don’t know what they’re saying you know they
don’t mean what they say they don’t say what they mean
communication doesn’t work well relationships it’s like some do nothing
with relations and some it’s like whatever comes my way cuz I’m lonely
that’s not mastery masters recognize their their play their power and their
place in this world so you know we’re doing it we’re doing a few day intensive
coming up soon sign up if you can you can do it in
person with us at unity of Sedona or online and it’s the first time we’ve
ever done the mastery class online so I really really recommend it and we’ve cut
the price in half from when people you know used to attend several hours a day
for several days we’ve trimmed it down a bit made it simpler so that more people
can you know reach it grab it and use it and that’s a little bit what masteries
about anyway I love doing intensive don’t get me wrong and if we had the
time and the ability to bring lots and lots of people to an easily reached
location like a major city then that would be all the better but in a small
town like Sedona and I preferred living in small towns but in a small town
people have to fly wherever they’re from to a major city like Phoenix then they
have to drive a couple hours they have to set up lodging then they’ve got a you
know drive back and deal with all that so it adds a little bit more and then we
used to do it for many days so people have to get off work and so there was a
little bit more to it and it shows dedication I think it’s a great thing
for us to do a class like that and it shows dedication for people but I also
want these kinds of things to be available because mastery is about you
know being able to have things available and apply them in our lives so this
seems like a really good way to bridge between several days but not as many
days not as many days lodging needed you know not as many days and hours
cost-wise so a person can now get here lodge do everything for the price of
what the class just by itself used to be easily and even then some so you know if
you can join us join us but but just hears it’s um a bit more of a summary we
cover and I’m not just selling you on the class by telling you what we cover
I’m saying it so that you’re learning here well the kinds of things we cover
are for example the attributes of a master a living master and these
attributes they include things like love focus service to people you know people
think yeah mastery means I will sit on a chair and people will bring me my food
and bring me my flowers but they met my feet that’s the old-school master like
I’m better than you and there’s a there’s a place for that there’s a
culture for that there’s you know if it’s the right people at the right time
but not here not today not me I like to show people how they become that thing
and that thing is again someone who knows how to focus their mind they
communicate clearly because clarity is another attribute of a master and then
there’s concepts that masters use and there’s a like a dozen of these
attributes I’m only naming a few here but they’re
they’re ways to teach when we can talk about and learn it more there’s ways you
know there are ways that you can learn to say I’m gonna apply this in my life
and then you become that thing this master a balance is another word an
attribute of a master you live in balanced balanced health finances
and so on but some of the concepts different categories with mastery
concepts like divide and conquer how to get the ball rolling with situations
instead of oh I guess it wasn’t meant to be
that’s not mastery that’s just lame human consciousness ridiculous human
consciousness even the ones that’s claim to be spiritual it’s such a such a
hypocrisy such a just ridiculous guys oh I’m spiritual and so I was gonna do the
mastery class but nobody called me you know to sign me up really well did we
know to call you do we know your name your number did you tell us to go oh I
just thought the ethers would try it you know tell them to call me and then I
would know it’s meant to be from God no trust me God doesn’t want to hear from
you either if you’re gonna live like that
you know you gotta show up man take responsibility like I’ve said in so many
talks never in history has a great great master like Jesus and Moses and so on
have have they ever said you know I was getting some guidance to go up Mount
Sinai I was getting guidance to to go and teach and and and part the Red Sea
or a guidance to teach the Beatitudes or whatever it happens to be these great
masters you never hear them say I thought it was guided to do that and I
tried but you know I was gonna cross the the sea with the Israelites but there
was water in the way so I just thought I guess it wasn’t meant to be hell no man
he had to show up in he had to become something he wasn’t before a miracle
worker he was a miracle worker but he had to do
something different that he hadn’t done a new level of faith and consciousness
because it’s different man it’s one thing to say all right if you guys want
to try it let’s go I’m gonna lead the way follow me
that’s words and they follow it’s another thing to move a large body of
water you know and even though there’s no order of difficulty in miracles
miracle consciousness is miracle consciousness and it can work in all
things as far as history would tell us that was a major thing for Moses but
they never said oh I was going to do it but
that’s not mastery at all and yet humans stake that claim all the time I was
going to but it wasn’t meant to be masters know how to show up and take
responsibility and so divide and conquer you know it kind of means like measured
doses you know if you say oh you know I’m having some health issues and I need
to work out but I’m not really fit enough to work out well go for a walk
instead of a run you know oh I I can’t even walk my legs hurt okay how about a
little trampoline it’s pretty simple you just you know bounce on the trap a
little jog Oh cuz that doesn’t hurt your legs typically I from what you know
people talk about the trampolines for years rebounders or as they’re called
you know the usually hanging on people’s walls in their garages or thrown down on
the ground for a yard sale for 20 bucks most of them are hanging up because
people bought them as a fad it’s like they buy course in miracles and it’s on
the bookshelf but they never actually read it you know you gotta use them and
you say oh I can’t even do rebounders because I have a little bit of dizziness
vertigo or whatever and I get dizzy if I get on the trampoline okay how about
this you know can you do that you know I mean do something divide-and-conquer
means find measurable doses that you can handle or deal with and believe in and
you know focus on and get moving do something and then there’ll be more that
concept of be faithful what for what you have and more will be given it applies
in so many different ways so just keep it in mind
mastery we’re gonna talk about this in the workshop but lots of things that
just turn people’s lives around um you know I teach a class called co-creating
a new life or I teach let’s say meditation or lots of topics right a lot
of them are there you know you could say a lot of them are actually all embodied
in one thing called mastery all I did is take mastery trainings and split them
into different different topics and teach different talks in a sense that
you could say I done that because mastery covers so much
of it so a mastery is like probably one of if not the most you know greatest
version or a symbol of as an umbrella with many topics beneath it
so in mastery we talk about the essentials of health because masters are
balanced the essentials of health instead of 50 diets to choose from just
pick between a couple that work and there are a couple that are the most
effective exercise yoga how many different asanas are there postures in
yoga too many for you to remember so just pick a few that you’ll do every day
even if it’s only five minutes so master is about that kind of divide and conquer
humans get overwhelmed all the time masters don’t get overwhelmed because
they they recognize and this is very important they recognize the value of
things they say not like oh well now I have to now I have to go and cook dinner
no you get to cook dinner you get to have food it’s delicious I don’t really
like the food I then eat something you like find ways to be happy
humans are so often tired and miserable find ways to be happy and Goofy you know
make the best of situations you know in a sense like a spiritual warrior masters
know more effectively efficiently how to move through challenges in life like the
dark night of the soul they know how to if you’re gonna be sick how to be sick
meaning rest do you do everything well when you’re a master you do everything
well you know how to step up and really do things from a higher place you know
instead of from the the constantly fatigued human standpoint or
consciousness master is about I’m connecting with God I’m integrating it
within myself and I’m bringing it to others not telling God how to fix others
that’s that’s the superstitious religious kind of ways of doing things
no it’s connect with God become that presence as best I can and with God’s
support but then bring it to others God selves others connect with God integrate
it within yourself and bring it to others in mind body and soul and that’s
important I don’t just say I’m going to integrate my spiritual trainings
meditations insights they pit the knees and all that
I come them well it’s like okay I think I’m gonna start doing this different
that different I me not others me God self connect with me and get this
anchored into me as a person and then bring it to others how to bring that
energy to others meaning a better healer a better parent a better employee etc
just whatever we do you know you just move it’s like helping this this person
that’s doing a lot of work on their home and you know it’s one of the folks here
at unity and you know I I thought it was stopping by I didn’t know I was gonna be
working there but for five days in a row it’s been a lot of a lot of physical
work cuz they it just saves them all you know these contractors and different
people a lot of time and work so all of a sudden I’m like you know in came what
was it a few hundred several hundred boards long you know heavy boards how
they gonna get them from here to there you know it’s like well they’re working
I’m hanging out waiting for something you know waiting for something whatever
and so I just start picking up stacks of lumber and running it from one end of
the you know front yard the backyard for them and god I mean it just took hours
and you just focus you just divide and conquer instead of like wow I mean all
the guys are like wow – big pallets of boards they’re like
look even the contractors employee carpenters they’re like wow you know
there’s so much what are we gonna do and I’m like well you guys keep working and
we’ll deal with it later like you know just kind of like go about your business
and I’ll do what I can always do what you can guys like I said
even if it’s a few minutes of trampoline or yoga do something not in a in a ADHD
kind of way not Ana I don’t know how to sit down and relax kind of a way but
something is needed someone slips on the floor help them up something’s needed in
the moment this two pallets of lumber and these guys were like oh you could
just feel like the fatigue they’re like who’s gonna move it it’s like it’s
almost like look over there real quick and boom because before they know it all
of the pallets both of the pallets were gone and they were put where they wanted
but they they don’t all know who I am they don’t they don’t know I’m a teacher
they don’t know anything about I’m just the guy that was hey how’s it going guys
nice to meet you it’s a friend of mine you know some
friends of mine this is you know they’re here and I’m here as their friend that
owned the house or whatever you know and so I’m just a friend of their showing up
to say hi and see the place fine but then I just say what do you need oh well
if they’re alright with that I could use a few boards here and tell me everything
you need I want this there and this done and I
just start doing it I’m hanging out for an hour anyway and you know all of a
sudden you know let me see how much I can get done in that time and then the
hour Drex or an hour and a half let me keep going it just move you know and
just pick the stuff up you work man you let your legs become powerhouses and
they move they motor man they go and your consciousness so your legs are
strong which are your foundation those are your roots you know your back
you strengthen you you strengthen your mind and it’s not but it’s not about
hyperactive or hyper physicality its consciousness just like if a person was
needing counselling then your heart needs to go and focus and get there and
help them one minute your legs next minute your mind picks minute your heart
next minute your soul so just do what you can in all things guys so I
recommend that you pursue some study on this concept you know mastery someday I
will write a book on it I imagine I have a list of other books that are in the
queue so right long enough I’ll do that you know and I
hope to leave these kinds of teachings for people so that it’s it’s not about
Michael per se but leave the concepts for people to sit with and work with and
study for as long as they you know want to live if you’re gonna live live well
alright I pray this was all made sense as I always say you know and and I
really really appreciate your time and your commitment to your path so god
bless you all we will be seeing you again sometime soon I hope watch us
remember we have the upcoming mastery class that will be a link you can sign
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time look it up and it’ll you’ll you know then you’ll get the right time
because it is different than other time zones okay but join us and we have some
other great exciting things kind of in you know brewing we we we have a lot of
help in our team but you can always offer if you want to offer to do some
Facebook sharing for us you could be part of the team you know it’s sort of
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speaks to you okay god bless you all be well and we’ll see