thirty-five years it has been
approximately 35 years since I first desperately wanted hey man Masters of
the Universe wind Raider well here we are today in 2019 not the early 80s and
I finally have one thanks to mega constructs now a division of the tale
finally putting one out and I also have a very dirty looking he-man
let me give these things opened and show you what they look like first the wind
Raider itself this is a 198 piece set that does come with both figures shown
there the he-man with battle axe and Skeletor with sword there are no
stickers in this set so anything that looks like a decoration is a print and
unfortunately the bags were not numbered now it’s not such of a big deal in a
small set like this but it is strange for me after celebrating wildly the
introduction of numbered bags to mega that we seem to have lost them this is
just so glorious so so glorious to actually have this although it’s not
hitting all of the nostalgia buttons for me because this is actually better
scaled to the depiction in the cartoons than it is to the toy and the original
toy and I guess my mind’s eye expects the toy proportions more this is funny
how that works but yeah this is this is pretty proper with the ridiculously
bright yellow colors used for all of the control surfaces of the thing he-man
fits right in there and is able to hold on to the controls he’s got a little
heads-up display which does not have any print on it but you see that there are
plenty of prints all around this thing it went together just fine
some marbling for the color of the flame it might not be exhausts there she’s
pretty good see this can be turned side side you can’t change the angles of the
elevators you can rotate these if you want up and down
also turn the you have to pull this out say independently change the angle of
the the edge of the the feather is there and it has the working winch up front
with the anchor I almost I almost completely forgot that they used an
anchor that’s such a funny thing but you know combination of future and medieval
but this this actually does work there we go
lines out like so and winds right back in just like the original did yeah I
think the original had a had a ratchet if I recall correctly this one does not
doesn’t doesn’t stay yet that finish but I think I remember the original not
always wanting to stay at the centered position all the same huh
well anyway what is what is I don’t remember if they had a particular
canonical in universe name for that anchor but you know it works and
everything and these edges here are bar sized so you can actually attach a
figure to that if you want to do a rescue or something if you got bar sized
bits on the edges here so you can attach things there as well so that’s good get
really attached anything else to the sides of the engines so you can’t have
somebody else hitching a ride other than holding on to the wings or
the or that anchor there but I think that’s okay and all importantly this
does have two wheels on the on the bottom I don’t remember if the original
head just two wheels or gonna have like three or something but this has two
wheels on it so it’s able to roll around and you just see those there they’re
just hard plastic which is fine it’s kind of what you expect it’s a wind
Raider and I have it at last it’s pretty cool let’s take a closer look at this
version of he-man who has the probably exclusive darker colored eyebrows you’ll
see on me that maker constructs Hiro’s version that they have
different lighter color now I wish that I had an original he-man figure I do not
I never had an original he-man figure are only in it Prince Adam and a
man-at-arms however somehow I’m assuming through trading with a friend who had
lots and lots of the figures I did get ahold of an original battle axe and
somehow I still have that original battle axe so for the sake of scale this
will help to show you the difference in size between the original figures and
these new ones these little micro action figures as they call this is done pretty
well it’s definitely a far more believable scale than the original
figures which were just caricature just super deformed this is actually done
pretty decently well for something this small
the eyes aren’t terrible I mean I think they look much better in in person than
they do here you see there’s a little bit of offset with the white of the eye
is possibly being a little bit low but not not too far it’s really difficult at
this tiny tiny scale to get things right the lower legs are actually molded in
that kind of burgundy color is it this is slightly reddish brown and then they
just have a little bit of paint application of the flesh tone towards
the tops of them which is pretty well matched to the plastic of the flesh yeah
oh all told this is pretty well done Skeletor is also not half bad especially
at a reasonable distance I mean here you but can’t had it super close an HD
resolution and so you can see the little blemishes around the edges of the
painting for the face but in in real life it actually looks very good it
looks like it’s glowing now the face does not glow in the dark unfortunately
it’s a little bit of a missed opportunity there but it looks like it’s
glowing in the day because they first apply a very bright neon green and then
put a yellow over that and then finish it off once that’s completely dry with a
dark red to give the gap between the teeth and also for the eyes so that’s
really nice and the the color for the skin looks right to me
it almost looks like it’s shaded just because of the texture of that material
and just how much light it takes into it you know it’s it’s a little bit of
translucency that affects the light as it as it hits it man this looks like it
has more depth than it actually does it’s nicely done
it’s too bad about the power sword being a complete one here you know it’s it’s
the same mold as Hemans complete one which is another slightly missed
opportunity for you know the true classic fans and remember the the mini
comics that would come with figures and such you know and not to mention the
fact that the original figures had the half sword versions so you can’t combine
this with Hemans version you know what to take on trap jaw drop jaw you want to
say Rajah but no trap jaw you know that was I was the one that I ever never else
but then I looked through weights many times yeah so a little bit of missed
opportunity there given that especially this is a construction toy you know but
it looks pretty good and you know being able to actually hold it in the tiny
hand is a good thing man he’s got the sheath on the back I
don’t think this is even been separated yet is there you go you know so you can
place that there which is just fine yeah pretty good pretty good stuff especially
than that guy they did the face now we’re gonna look at the individual
figures the separately sold figures that have come in the mega constructs heroes
line one at a time there have been four different series so far both of these
are from series 1 they are supposed to sell for $5 u.s. and they do sell for $5
u.s. if you can ever find them scalpers are very aggressive about finding in
buying the entire box and then putting them online for you know 10 15 20
dollars each so it’s a big problem on the Left series one he-man ah actually
looks much better now out of the box they did in not nearly as jarppi
probably even a little bit better than the the one that came in the wind Raider
except for that one eyebrow that’s just off
probably both eyebrows are off a little bit in their registration but other than
that looks pretty good to me notice the lighter colored eyebrows with a dark red
he has the buckler there and the Power Sword both of those are a little bit
more beige than I remember I thought they’re supposed to be a little bit
closer to just a medium silver but that might just be my memories I and Skeletor
has his scepter the goat I believe a ram head of that is a kind of rubbery piece
so the horns don’t break off too easily and that version of Skeletor just the
way that it was produced there looks better to me with more of the yellow and
green in there it still has a couple little blemishes but just having more
coverage I think looks better and these stands this is my first time opening up
any of these mega constructs heroes I’m just the regular hero’s line these
stands are nice you know it’s just three little pieces but they’re proper they
Center the figures it brings in a little bit of color from the theme in this case
is that grace go green and you know there are little names on them so yeah
that’s all it’s all good and otherwise these figures are built the same as that
the ones we saw in the the kit version and I think they’re pretty good so these
are the two that came from or came in series one again they’re sold separately
one at a time but there’s also a Eman I forget the name of it offhand I’ll have
to grab a box again but there’s a collection of all the figures you can
get together there it is the battle for Eternia collection I have seen this for
sale on eBay does not come with man-at-arms
unfortunately that’s a that’s a Miss that comes with other important
characters and also a mini comic I need to see that mini comic but I’m not gonna
pay scalper prices for this thing mega constructs Heroes series – brought us
Teela and beast man level of detail on Teela is excellent but it’s unfortunate
that the registration for her eyes is just ever so slightly off it’s just
rotated ever so slightly from some angles it looks okay from a reasonable
distance it looks okay but up close it dozen gosh you have to be just perfect
with those tiny eyes to get it right it’s too bad with such fine printing
that they used beast man’s face isn’t all that great because the stamp that
they used for the light fairly thin white paint for his face left some some
holes some bubbles in it but I think that doesn’t really cause that much of
an issue because his face is not supposed to be smooth anyway both of
these I think look decent not great but oh forgot to mention the scepter for
Skeletor had to be built look like it was complete in the package by DX you
have to put it together which is a cool thing
same thing with Teva staff here this man gets his whip which is a rubbery piece
as well very flexible and look at these around the back not one thing I will
point out about all of these figures is they have the the I don’t know what you
would call these these pieces what do you call that
they’re like bracelets sort and not bracers but those pieces that are there
are little clip ons they can pop off pretty easily search if you play with
these those are things to look out for you don’t want to lose those even if
you’re just posing it carefully you still want to watch out for that you
definitely see some difference in the colors between the flesh tone of the
plastic for Teela and the painted on parts as you can see in the arms the
torso there on the back and also the lower legs have that paint that’s used
so that’s not quite as well matched as I ideally you would like but that’s it for
those two series three included only faker as a representative from the
Masters of the Universe theme fortunately this figure is very well
done I never understood Baker when I was when
I was a kid so this was always a very mysterious character to me very
mysterious figure especially but I just think this is so well done and
fortunately the printing for this one on the face is really good maybe maybe the
eyebrows are off the tiniest fraction but come on at that scale come on yeah
this looks really really good to me and I even printed the chest there see the
they’re reel-to-reel I spin around in there that’s nice to see it shows up a
little bit but yeah that’s pretty cool it comes with you know both weapons
again the body armour bits the vest bit has the sheath in the back so you place
his version of sword back there yeah this is really well done for you know
especially for a series that only got one of these figures this was a good
choice desirable for collection I at least I got lucky for the printing on
this one the production values it’s pretty close to spot-on
and finally series four mega constructs Heroes is the most important of all four
it includes man-at-arms and evil win but man-at-arms that’s very very important
to me because the very first toy I ever bought in my life with my own money in
fact probably the first thing that I ever bought of any sort with my own
money was a man at arms figure I got my what was it two dollars fifty cents
three dollars something something like that I’ve combined allowance and extra
money from doing extra chores saved up over the course of weeks and went to the
toy store hoping to get a he-man and they were fresh out of Hemans so I
settled for a man at arms and it didn’t have a mustache I was so mad it made no
says they were so dumb for not putting a mustache on it I I felt not doing
and either the backstory of that and only being familiar with the cartoon so
I you know took a pen and just a regular ballpoint pen and and you’re a mustache
on my man-at-arms figure now I have a men at arms figure again that came with
a mustache yes evylyn is also a pretty cool lookin figure here registration for
the eyes on this one is almost perfect the print is very good there again you
build up the staff and that has a you can see it has the crystal looking ball
at the top is actually transparent piece with the bright silver colored paint
application and arms has his mace and his laser pistol I forget the canonical
exact name of it laser blaster or something but his his main armor piece
is awesome really really nicely done that’s just begging for a tiny tiny
little bit of a very simple very basic wash very subtle wash but yeah
good-looking stuff notice the the weapons both of them have the
rectangular shaped openings holes on them so that one has it there this one
has it over there and those allow you to attach those weapons to his back so if
you want to use just one at a time you can and yeah his vest has it to
standardized connectors on it which are also compatible with other things from
Mega constructs both of these figures look great all the way on the back very
nice probably the the best produced I’d say of the ones that I’ve seen so far
with the exception perhaps of just the more armored leg of man-at-arms which
could have used a little bit more opacity for the orange you know just
doesn’t quite have that same brightness that you expect and that’s it for the
Omega constructs heroes individual figures for now ah they look great
together all the colors facial expressions
yes original series inspired but with better proportions you know that aren’t
as ridiculous as the original Hades versions good paint applications for the
most part and they really do look much better in person than they do here the
farther you the farther you step back the more perfect they look the closer
you get the more you see all the many many tiny imperfections which really are
tiny and that’s it for my very nostalgia heavy look at these for now you know the
major problem with these continues to be availability or the lack thereof
combined with the demand driven aftermarket you know scalper market
which is really really rough on fans yeah it’s it’s really really a shame if
you can find these get him hold on to him if you like him of course if you
have any interest in these which brings me to another question who actually is
interested in classic Masters of the Universe in 2019
I’m assuming it’s mostly folks around my age or possibly just a little bit older
cuz Masters of the Universe has not been
relevant for a long time they did try to bring it back but nah didn’t work didn’t
work at all try and bring it back bring it back to the general conch
consciousness in general a few times didn’t work so yeah this is this is just
for the old folks I don’t mind that but it’s not gonna help the bottom-line very
much I think for we’re all suffering Mattel is having a lot of troubles with
with sales not to mention distribution but the products continue to be very
good very happy with these and I’m happy to have been able to share this look at
him with all of you thanks for watching I’ll talk to you in soon you you