Good afternoon, just happened to be home from work we laid out on the home page depleted rainy weather today These days it often rains less good for health but if the plant particularly tasty corn plant instead I planted yesterday yet time rain rain so we do not need to flush he had grown himself for example like this He grows his own due mostly to buy seeds planted a lot of ground I fill a hole in the ground a lot so the growth of many because land is limited maybe if the land area we can plant one by one planting one by the growth of roots was also nice but because of limited land, we grow many bad because of the rain I do not water already a lot because the plant is irregular so messy should be tied rope beforehand so the plants can be planted straight yesterday planted a mess so forget that at planting where so the growth is not the same but also straight but that was little fear of contact with broken leg Average plant if we know where it stands seeds that we spread where coincidence rainy season I do not go there 1 week already grown corn seeds This is the usual maize December harvest forecast when it’s harvest we can share or eat alone average we share and eat their own as well starfruit carambola crop, we do not eat because the acid once we distributed to merchants, delighted sharing sustenance sustenance comes from God to man if we do not share to others how the provision would smoothly do good just for living in the world There are mango trees yesterday I cut let neat and fruitful yesterday also fruitful 3 seeds was willing felled but the fruit delicious, we go ahead if that’s roots are in the ground we wait until the rot at the back there there is a mango tree behind the roots have reached the bottom rung if the plant does not need to be attended just do it live see progress eventually he grew a lot on the ground that there are pieces of gypsum grows corn The easiest to plant corn if this sweet corn this corn planted together average growth there are still empty I planted again but more wet later slippers so dirty the house ok over coffee afternoons view garden calm mind we live must be balanced between the world and the hereafter the balance of the world is also important for the health of the mind let me not stress ok, so thanks see you in my next video