[Music] for all major vehicle characteristics existed from the beginning to the fundamental requirement that the new series in every relationship prove predecessor model as superior should be the abundance of improvements Progress and innovation during the individual development and comprehensive and comprehensive is fully documented practically impossible therefore, only essentials can be indicated advantageous to be striped around examples of effort and perfection but also imaginativeness and improvisation too show up behind the development and testing a new product hide This product will already be available in the trial stage highest demands posed but it does have one considerable development period only in the form of prototypes or aggregates carriers available the chassis with the club front axle and space corresponds to left rear axle most modern design principles the already in the mercedes compact class have proven for the rear axle was the room handlebar principle on the conditions transferred to this new vehicle class it combines the advantage consistently good advice with high driving comfort with a compact lightweight construction are significantly improved by the driving stability in turns the load change Behavior and straight-ahead one further contribution to the increase of the link Precision and driving stability bring that new tire concept 65% low profile tires to 15 inches at the same time improving the ventilation of the brakes Altogether high safety reserves in all speed ranges [Music] for tuning the driving behavior are besides numerous measurements still also subjective pair samples and Examinations in the border area required as well as special exams in trailer operation the entire brake system has been redesigned Among other things, this has been improved responsiveness for reasons of Environmental protection is the brake pads asbestos free on request is that electronically controlled anti-lock system abs available even with a full braking in the curve or smoother on one side lane the link ability of the upright vehicle various comfort examinations complete the overall impression of the chassis from they prove that outstanding driving characteristics and high driving comfort not be contradictory claims have to new are the hydraulically damped ones Motor bearings they are completely maintenance free the noise emissions of the vehicle in Driving is not just a problem the comfort of the measurements in the interior is checked Sound is also an essential question the environmental impact of full encapsulation the engine could reach the noise level the diesel models significantly lowered become [Music] outstanding environmental problem of the 80s Years, however, is the question of the acceptable quality of ours ambient air firm stands despite in detail diverging opinions that nothing should remain unturned here running to achieve further improvements already without additional exhaust gas cleaning plant are below the new engines pollutant emissions the predecessor clearly beyond are models with catalytic exhaust gas purification system for unleaded Gasoline has been developed with the new one-armed panorama Wipers could wipe the field symmetrically designed and set at 86 percent be enlarged a value of no other so far a car was reached additional turbo operation in the windscreen wiper superimposed on the rotation This will be a hub movement Upper corners of the windshield better wiped free the ventilation of the passenger compartment is like that designed that a high but draft-free air exchange is ensured the manifold efforts around one lowest possible air resistance on the finished vehicle through measurements confirms the different ones vehicle types can reach cw value of 0,29 or 0,3 in conjunction with the lower one end face reduction of the Drag against the predecessor by 30 percent at the same time reduction of vehicle weight and just under ten percent and through the use the significantly more economical engines the consumption is substantially lower the values ​​of the comparable predecessor models lie and all with higher performance better acceleration and one vehicle equipment standard in many details with numerous innovations improved room comfort increased their vaccination from ergonomic points of view functionally designed dashboard with lockable glove box On request, airbag in the steering wheel infinitely electrically adjustable Steering wheel as special equipment [Music] seat height adjustment with additional tilt adjustment leaning inclination adjustment via handwheel combined with headrest adjustment [Music] Height adjustable shoulder strap anchoring at the same time belt tensioner for driver and passenger operation relief from the fugitives of the Driver’s seat from controllable fold away the radio headrests as a special request as well as an electrically operated sliding lift roof with integrated wind deflector [Music] heated disc washing nozzles automatic locking the removable trailer hitch [Music] the pressure central locking with me provide service that is also called by trunk and passenger door locked to press and finally the low loading edge of the enlarged to 520 liters trunk with the vertical to be erected tailgate as well numerous other improvements you are not complete in your diversity can document and that in theirs sum to help one in This vehicle safe and secure feel that means more driving pleasure more comprehensively use and high value retention Created to balance consumption and reduced environmental impact in short, a completely new for the next year designed vehicle at the same time a mercedes car program round it off in that closed form has never existed [Music]