Hello there. I’m Gav. I’m Dan. We’re the slow mo guys. Dan, the other day we had a conversation didn’t we yeah and I was like How can we get two paintballs to collide midair and film it in slow motion? My first thought was we’re just gonna stand opposite each other and just let rip and then hopefully Would never happen it would not curacy the timing it would never happen the pain the pay’s well fear you’d be scared like this I’ve had bad luck with paintballs yeah, oh That looks like good shut to mouth Gavin you look like a mess My face off, it looks like you have a second mouth it’s not pleasant It’s not nice, so instead I’ve made this contraption with the vice grips and string. Yeah I mean it is a complex thing for us yeah, but in the grand Scheme of Internet videos, it’s very basic. I mean there could be like an electronic button to just do it instead I’ve just bought two guns and sort of tried to rig them up to the shooting each other, okay? So we’ll see if we can collide two paintballs somewhere around here I’m going to preset the focus and the framing but you know probably around Will film it at 28,000 500 frames a second on the V 25:11 And if we’re feeling a little bit cheeky will boost that framerate up juicy. We can get juicy juicy, so somewhere around here Yeah, yeah, just just like all right, so you’re just dying it. I mean it’s so miniscule, but I’m gonna try and I yeah, it’s just kind of difficult because Sometimes when you clamp it back up it just goes back where it wants a little bit a gift Yeah, it’s better given the plastic of the gun We had if we had like a cylindrical Rod we could just shove it down both barrels It’s true. We don’t know yeah if we were more prepared. It’d be easier, so Let’s see how that goes you ready. Yeah Yep, how’s it yep? What’s up? I think they just bought They hit yeah, they did. He may just glanced each other slightly well the chances of that come on you ready, right? Yeah Think that the green one just annihilated one survived It’s just like when when you get hit and paintball, it doesn’t explode. It’s there like tape or something on that paper No It’s like half of its got the branding pattern I think on it a little bit the pattern sort of swung off and spun away oh Yeah, pretty speed it into the distance. Yeah, my first adjustment was too much. Yeah, any meant that they just dinked So I’ve readjusted that time and only one of them exploded and they weren’t quite bang on so this time I’ve adjusted again It’s a little bit and hopefully we’ll get that exact meaty little Yeah little And that’s kneecap. Yeah Yep So I actually saw the exact second that they they hit each other you know Noob You know when you close your eyes, and you like freeze frame with you. I captured that perfect I win like book, and I just sort of explode can you? Send that video. Yeah. Yeah hang on since in the JPEGalright Okay, I got ya drop turned on yeah got it yeah man this cameras lab alright playing back Nailed it perfect that’s amazing. So it looks like they hit on the back like one Yeah, just slightly Look at the open house like like a fruit. It’s like a Kumquat yeah here. It’s like juicy, and then it turns into like a spiderweb it always looks like a nervous system though back neurons yeah, or like a Pillories or something yeah, well how much that actually happens in like real paintball matches it must happen quite a bit Yeah, is that square on enough for joint anymore adjustments? That’s pretty good So satisfying getting the first time yeah, I thought these are made of rubber, but they’re actually made of like plastic There’s quite thick you can see the difference in there in the paintballs this one split along the actual That like the steel hole yeah the two different kinds of plastic That’s seal the paint in and this one is just sort of burst all over the place I think these are the more expensive ones and these are like the cheaper ones hmM, so right I guess yeah We’ve run
I guess so they’re sort of flopping out the gun instead of firing out need to leave more beans more beans How do you remove it without it spread everywhere? I don’t know think you can sweaty anzhi Jesus Yeah Let’s soaked me Sometimes it’s hard to tell when it actually happens. Yeah, I still wonder how many wasn’t it. Yeah That’s so satisfying It’s amazing that even though one comes out way before the other they still meet perfectly in focus That’s so weird is it just that I’m always pulling one slightly letting say I think it’s just there’s a slight delay So I mean even if you do that in slow mode there’s always gonna be one that goes before the other What an operation this is all right? Yeah, yeah Yeah excellent shooting. Thank you very much sir excellent shooting for you, too. Oh, thank you It’s so weird because there’s probably Milliseconds in the difference, but I’m pulling them there but in Slow-mo just looks like an age like it’s halfway to the gun before these three minutes less count so that one’s at the end of the Barrel Well, it’s three fifty two Thirty three seconds point 104 two three one okay, so what’s the first number? That’s a tenth of a second? What’s the third number? Thousand so I’m 12 thousandths of a second out Should be ashamed of yourself call myself a slo-mo guy Made a mess of the other board there you know and the fence over here The thing is I figured that this fence was further away, so the pattern would be a bit more spread How long do you think it would take me to paint the whole fence for the paintball there? well Week a week Yeah like solid it’s going bang bang bang bang bang wouldn’t be very cost-effective because during all the paintballs and the Co2 Uni it’d be a Lot okay. I don’t know how much that would cost. It’s not very drippy is it and look it’s very powdery so weird oh every Time I Do a paintball video without you doing that didn’t get me though really no Just me That’s so fortunate. I’ve meant to have the clean lab coat Sorry, it does come off quite does it yeah tell you what the blue man head didn’t come off. I didn’t it Didn’t dry either. I think you need about a month later. I should get you like you should Hmm. I mean I need one but Today, it’s just not in the budget quite like those shots very satisfying to watch just the way the paint spreads in sort of Random Patterns different every time I can just watch them collide all day well sometimes I couldn’t actually tell if they’ve hit Unless it was the only way I could tell is if there was no noise on the fence either side yeah Because there would be nothing left Sometimes they would hit but depending on the timing they’d hit sort of over here and clip or over here But they would nail each other here. Yeah, but it was interesting because the it is all Jostle II and that the pressure from pulling the triggers the barrels as you were pulling them we’re doing that so I’m amazed that they ever hit each other like I Think they just come out so fast that by the time the barrels react and move around The paintballs already come out like when you saw with the the close-up shot of the paintball gun yeah it came out and then it Went like yeah this time. We didn’t shoot each other, but we still made a videos with paintball guns. Yeah, that’s good guy We’re evolving we don’t always have to hurt each other I know Well though you did say can I shoot you in the face with that I said no Well, hopefully you enjoyed that video feel free to follow us on Twitter. Oh, I got myself a bad fire Feel free to subscribe to the slow mo guys we do slow mo all the time and also we have a second channel full of behind the scenes and extra guff Good Flying yeah, I’m getting good at this now. We’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching Gotta wipe down all the equipment. Oh on the laptop Sorry, let’s go wash off that go on my face. Yeah