Every deer hunter knows that scenting danger
is a deer’s number one defense. Bowhunters must be especially attuned to wind direction
to enable close-range shots. And here’s a trick to monitor how winds are swirling
around your deer stand. Nature provides a perfect wind indicator that’s
free for the taking – milkweed seeds. These seeds, commonly seen in early fall, are perfectly
suited to flying long distances to plant new milkweeds. They can float on the gentlest
breezes and show even thermal air patterns that may carry a hunter’s scent up or down.
Collect the seeds in a bag and carry them in your hunting pack. Then, while sitting
on stand, drop one now and then to learn how air moves around your location. It’s often
surprising to learn that wind currents do strange things in and around trees, and the
seeds show you just where your scent is blowing. You can buy a number of commercial products
that do the same thing, but none is more effective than this free gift of nature.
Use it to help bag your deer this fall. I’m Mike Blair for KDWPT.